5th March 2021

World Day of Prayer

Build on a Strong Foundation



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Celebrate WDP 2021 with Women in Vanuatu!

Let us celebrate the World Day of Prayer in 2021 prepared by the women of the Vanuatu islands. “In the spirit of the 2021...

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Vanuatu News 2021

Covid 19 So far the total of Covid 19 cases in Vanuatu remains at just one but the indirect effects have been devastating to Vanuatu’s...

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Zimbabwe Educational Trust

Harare, Zimbabwe. We work with young people, to empower them with the skills they need to support themselves out of poverty, by...

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A friend sent us this information today with the news that he has recorded over 800ml of rain so far this season. Our rainy season...

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Introducing Vanuatu

We are grateful to the Canadian WDP Committee for allowing us to share this video. It provides an in-depth introduction to the...

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News from Vanuatu

On 4th December Vanuatu moved on from its status one of the least developed countries and became, officially, a Developing Country....

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Zimbabwe Victims’ Support Fund

Among those receiving relief food during the crisis, are – 1,200 primary school children in the Lupane area, some 2,000 families,...

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Who would have thought that something so private and embarrassing to girls would actually prevent them attending school where...

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News from Vanuatu

OCTOBER 2020 This month marks the forty-first anniversary of Vanuatu’s constitution. A one day Climate Change workshop was held...

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28 Too Many

28 Too Many is a registered charity in England and Wales, established in 2010 by Dr Ann-Marie Wilson, to undertake research and...

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Our prayers this month are about Vanuatu, the island country that has prepared this year’s World Day of Prayer service. The...

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Lord, you are the vinedresser

This month January, we are celebrating our links with Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (ctbi). At certain times of the...

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Dear Heavenly Father

The prayer focus for December is naturally based on the birth of Jesus Christ. The Saviour of the world came in humble surroundings...

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The love of God

The prayer for November is based on a hymn written by Vep Ellis, and Acts 3 3-6 When he saw Peter and John about to go into the...

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Father God…

This prayer is part of the prayer resource Together in Prayer for 2021. It encourages us to look forward to sharing in prayer...

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We can enjoy and be amazed

Heavenly Father, we thank You that while we are aware of the world’s many trials and troubles we can enjoy and be amazed...

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You may know…

You may know the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are written in picture form. Not only do you read the words but there is a...

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As we are at last

As we are at last on the way to being allowed off the leash (!) I expect today’s note will be the last of the weekly prayer...

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There is still…

There is still some good news… The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association reports : i. During May, 3,000 people in the UK...

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Love one another

Our Father in heaven, we thank You that there is still so much about this world which is amazing in its beautiful reflection of...

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