World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

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You may know…

You may know…

You may know the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are written in picture form. Not only do you read the words but there is a message in the pictures. The ‘picture’ for the number 20 is of an open hand. The picture for the year 2020 is, therefore, TWO OPEN HANDS, depicting the outrageously generous provision of our wonderful God.

Having gone through – still going through – all that Covid-19 has brought to us in the year 2020, what can we deduce from this picture of God’s goodness to us?

For a start, can we agree that God does not SEND bad things…He is good all the time and all the time, He is good (remember that one?) Romans 1:7 says ‘To the beloved of God, those called to be saints’ (this is anyone who has chosen to believe in God and who follows Jesus), ‘Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.’ God gives us His own grace, His own Son AND His own Spirit – our Comforter, Helper, Guide : everything we could ever need to live the way He asks – to do His will on earth. This doesn’t mean He expects us to be perfect, but He provides a way for us to remain ‘in Him’. Through ‘thick and thin’ His Grace IS sufficient and I’m sure we have found this to be true. The picture of His open hands in the Jewish alphabet is a permanent reminder of it. Thank You, Lord, for the provision of Your Word. If and when Covid (or anything else with a negative connotation) comes into conversations and perhaps we hear someone doubt any of the above, let us be lovingly firm in our response: God is good all the time and I know Whom I have believed.

NOW: Having said that, I know some countries have not yet come through the worst of Covid and, even if they have, some of them are suffering horrendous shortages of supplies – including food and water. We could ask ‘how is this happening, in this day and age?’ We SHOULD ask. We know some Governments around the world are not looking after their own people.

So, what is the FIRST thing we, as members of a Christian movement, should do? We should pray. We are told to pray for those in authority (national and local), that they will do the right thing for their people. God’s Word says He is our Provider and that He will provide for His people in days of famine (Psalms 33:18,19 & 37:19) – so, where has God’s Plan come unstuck? He knows and, if we are willing, He will show us what we can do to be part of the solution – what a privilege that would be.

We can also pray for guidance as to what we, personally, can do to help those around the world who are suffering so badly. We can pray our thanks to God that we are NOT suffering in those ways; thank Him that His Word is true – that we can draw comfort from it in our own time of need.

Let us receive all that God has for us this month – perhaps we can share some of it in our own locality; tell others what He has done for us and enjoy His precious presence. That way, we will be better able to do His Will.

God bless you all – see you next month.