1st March 2024

World Day of Prayer

I beg you, bear with one another in love



Dolly Parton sang

“Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living;”

For some people working all hours puts very little money in their pockets. World Day of Prayer has been supporting Traidcraft Exchange with a Development Grant for their work with hidden home workers
Traidcraft Exchange brings people together to fight injustice in trade. They use the power of trade to create sustainable solutions to poverty. Traidcraft Exchange offer this prayer to help focus our attention on our world and those whose work is integral to our living well in the world.
Lord God, we thank you…

For the world you have given us, rich in natural resources and human ingenuity.
For the skills you have given us: to make, mend and restore; to grow, tend and harvest.
For the gift of trade, which can bring us together, sharing creativity, wealth and dignity.
Lord God, we are sorry…

When we have allowed the greed of the few to win out over the wellbeing of many.
When we have exploited the most vulnerable among us, and damaged your beautiful world.
When we have turned a blind eye to injustice and chosen to do nothing.
Lord God, we pray…

For the farmers, artisans and workers whose skills are not being recognised and rewarded.
For the people whose lives are harmed by a global trading system which puts profit first.
For the communities struggling to survive through the climate crisis.
Lord God, today we commit ourselves afresh…

To change our own lives and lifestyles so that we can tread lightly on your good earth.
To call for greater justice in trade so that all people can thrive.
To work towards a world where trade helps people out of poverty, rather than trapping them in it.
We join our prayers with our sisters and brothers around the world.

© Traidcraft Exchange January 2022
Prayer for the start of the working day

Heavenly Father, help us to remember you are in control. When we are anxious about work, either at home or in our work place remind us that we can do all things through you. Jesus thank you that you will provide us with the strength and wisdom needed to work well each day. Help us to see opportunities for growth in the skills you’ve blessed us with. In Jesus name, Amen.