World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

Cook Islands
What is the Kingdom of Heaven like?

What is the Kingdom of Heaven like?

The World: The Kingdom of Heaven:

Abuse Vulnerable protected
Conflict Disagreement settled
Disadvantaged Every opportunity an expression of beauty
Disease Comprehensive health care available
Displaced Homeless sheltered, migrants welcomed
Drought Thirst quenched
Famine Shortage met
Fundamentalism Faiths respected and tolerated
Greed Fair deals
Hatred Loving partnerships
Hunger Hungry mouths fed
Inequality Basic rights accessible to all
Injustice Attempts to create justice
Loneliness Compassionate thoughts and deeds
Meanness Generosity of the ‘haves’ for the ‘have-nots’
Poverty Lack provided for, needs met
Prejudice Bias tolerated
Racism Difference and diversity celebrated
Selfishness Selfless acts
Terrorism Opportunities to find a shared space
Unfriendliness A smile and kindly word
War Hostility finding common ground leading to peace

Whatever the situation, the time, the place,
Let us share a little grace
Put others first before ourselves
And share the Kingdom of Heaven here and now on earth.

Louise Bowes