World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

Cook Islands


You may know that next year’s World Day of Prayer is written by the ladies of Vanuatu. The report below was received just last week from a local contact. While we in the west may be ‘turning a corner’ in our battle against Covid, distant nations that we regard as beautiful and idyllic are suffering very badly in other ways, yet are still battling to maintain some kind of ‘normality’.

‘Greetings from Vanuatu.

Vanuatu is now going through triple disaster. We have the COVID 19 lock down, Cyclone Harold and Ash fall on the island of Tanna, South of Vanuatu.

The Government, International Organisations and NGOs in Vanuatu are doing their best to assist the victims of the cyclone and ash fall. Islands which have been badly affected by the cyclone Santo, Malo and Aore, Central and South Pentecost and part of Ambrym.

Uk, Australia, New Zealand, China and France are countries who have assisted Vanuatu so far. Plans are underway for the Vanuatu Government to repatriate her people from other countries. Vanuatu is still COVID 19 Free.

Our National WDP Committee is already planning our 2021 celebrations in Vanuatu. We want every Province in Vanuatu to celebrate on this occasion.’

I think you’ll agree we should spend some time this week lifting this beautiful set of islands and its resilient people to God…