World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

Cook Islands


Our prayers this month are about Vanuatu, the island country that has prepared this year’s World Day of Prayer service. The prayers have been written by members of the National Committee. These prayers and next month’s prayers about a firm foundation can be found in the latest copy of Together in Prayer, which can be purchased from the office.

Coconut prayer

Praying while looking at a coconut from that life giving tree.
Its water refreshes,
Lord refresh us in your love.
Its inner flesh feeds,
Lord feeds us in your love.
Its oil is nourishing,
Lord nourish us in your love.
Its coir from the shell can be woven,
Lord wrap us around in your love.
Its leaves and trunk can build good houses,
Lord build in us the knowledge of your love.
So, we here on earth can be witness to your Love,
Given to us through your life-giving tree, the cross.
Amen.    (Christine Miles)

Poem Prayer

For the beautiful islands of the South Pacific
Vanuatu with its coral reefs,
Tropical coloured fishes,
and black and white sandy beaches
We thank you.

Its red, green and yellow flag
We thank you

For Port Villa, the largest city
For traditional foods,
Salu-salu, attires, dances and songs
For baskets and woven placemats
We thank you

Its red, green and yellow flag
We thank you

Blessings beyond measure
Given to Ni-Vanuatu
Fertile lands, fresh air, sunshine too,
For blue waters of the isles,
We thank you.

Its red, green, black and yellow flag
We thank you.    (Audrey Eccleston)

A Prayer for Vanuatu 2021

Holy God, Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is in them: –

We join with the Christian women of Vanuatu in praise to you
– for fertile land and fresh air
– for the sweet melody of the birds, for land animals and the mysterious creatures of the deep
– and for the sounds of children playing.

We thank you for the example of the Christian women of Vanuatu
– for their trust in you and
– for their fortitude as they struggle to provide food for their families and education for their children
– things that we in this country so often take for granted.

We ask your forgiveness for our thoughtlessness, our carelessness and our lack of foresight which has led to the pollution of the environment and the current climate emergency, and is causing irrevocable damage to Vanuatu and to other low-lying Pacific islands.

We pray that you will help us
– to listen more carefully to you and to your Word
– to build our homes and communities on its strong foundations
– and to work together towards a world where resources are used more sustainably;
where justice and peace reign; and where all your creatures can live in safety and harmony.

We pray in the name of Jesus
Amen.    (Elizabeth Burroughs)