World Day of Prayer

I beg you, bear with one another in love

The Who of You

The Who of You

How dull we can become!
Open the door of your mind, your heart, your whole being,
to the riches hiding within you.
Let not a closed, rigid mindset imprison you,
a mindset that locks you within yourself.
Let life’s ever flowing sap,
enter the portals of your being.
Let it unleash the deep- down creative energy bubbling within you,
longing to be birthed,
longing to show you, over time, the Who of You.
Strangely, or not so strangely,
each person’s gifts are often only discovered,
in the sweat of sheer struggle, in failure, in disappointment,
in the soil of suffering.
Yet, the hovering Holy Spirit blows in all weathers,
in warm, sunny summers, in icy winters, and in barren times.
Walk with the vicissitudes of life.
Let the gentle breath of God’s Spirit,
lead you in the dance of life!
Along the miles of life, seeded gifts are always burgeoning.
Find them, dig deep for them,
and when you find them, or more likely,
when they find you,
welcome them with gratitude,
like a little child licking ice cream.
You will never fully know the Who of You,
nor the unfathomable love of our Gift Giver God.
Earth’s oceans cannot hold the bounty of God.

Sister Rose Boyle O.P.