World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

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The haves and the have nots

The haves and the have nots

July is a month with so many awareness days and weeks. We can be challenged by the plenty in the world by World Chocolate Day (7th) National Doughnut Week (10th-18th) National picnic month. We are reminded also of those in great need through Good Care Month, the damage to our environment by participating in Plastic Free month and awareness of the environment by Don’t Step on a Bee Day (10th).

The prayers this month have come from the 2017 Together in Prayer and the theme ‘ Am I being unfair to you’ which reminds us of the great divide between the haves and the have nots. These prayers have been written by then members of the National committee

God of peace and justice
We often pray that you will bring peace and justice to the world, conveniently forgetting that the world you created was one of peace and justice. That it is we human beings who use the free will you gave us to cause the conflict and injustice that now exists.
Forgive us for our greed that caused others to lack food, water, shelter and fuel.
Forgive us for our love of power has caused others to be exploited, trafficked, oppressed and victimised.
Forgive us for our thoughtlessness that has caused others to be forgotten, unloved, uncared for and unmourned.
Remind us once again of the example of your son, Jesus Christ, who always served, always cared and gave- even his own life- for others, without a thought for himself.
Maybe we too become servers, carers and givers to all, without judgement or discrimination, so that your peace and your justice will return and your world will become again the one you created.
Elizabeth Burroughs

Am I being unfair to you?
The first shall be last and the last shall be first.
Some have too much water others thirst.
If food in abundance some goes to waste
While others starve in another place.
A hungry shall be fed and rich sent empty away.
What do you think God is trying to say?
Maybe he’s saying just learn how to share.
Sharing the riches,
Sharing the treasure,
Sharing the plenty,
Sharing the pleasure,
Learning from others
To know how it feels
To be hungry and thirsty
To have nothing at times,
That we may learn to be generous and kind.
Margie Savage

Heavenly Father, Creator, the giver of Joy and Delight, may we today look out on your world and see the delights you have unstintingly given us. May we share the joy of your creation with others to bring more delight into this world.

Christine Miles