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Prayer for Taiwan

Prayer for Taiwan

Our prayer this month concentrates on Taiwan, the country that has prepared this year’s World Day of Prayer service. The prayer was written for Together in Prayer: I have heard about your faith, by Christine Miles, who recently retired from the National Committee:

Prayer for Taiwan

Lord in a land of so many people, and so many faiths, we pray for those who know you as the One True God.

Lord in a land that still has people who retain their own language and culture, we pray that there will be a way for them to live alongside the modern world without being lost into it.

Lord in a land so full of amazing natural formations and beautiful countryside, we pray that there is a good awareness of climate change and its effect on the land.

Lord in a land that faces the challenge of an ageing population, we pray for good support for all generations enabling an even burden of care throughout society.

Lord in a country formed out of strife and war, fear and fright, we pray for good and wise government and support through international relationships.

Lord in a land that delights in its democratic system of government, we pray that the younger generation will feel empowered to take part in the political aspects of life.

Lord in a land that feels so safe and secure, we pray for all those who set crime and punishment policies so they can achieve a balance in criminal law that is appropriate for all.

Lord in a land where there are the opportunities for good health, we pray for those who take care of those with cancer and the plans to reduce the number dying from cancer.

Lord in a land of co-existence and interfaith working, we pray that this interfaith approach shows something of the character of our God.

We pray these prayers through Jesus our Saviour and Lord.