World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

Cook Islands
No let-up yet!

No let-up yet!

We are still ‘confined-to-barracks’ with at least another three weeks of it.

It would be very easy to feel stressed-out and really fed-up being unable to freely get out and about in the glorious sunshine, but let us consider how Daniel and his three friends coped with being held captive in Bablylon.

They didn’t spend their time kicking their heels, twiddling their thumbs, being tetchy with each other, wishing and hoping. No, they spent their time encouraging each other and building themselves up in the Lord, praying, contemplating, keeping themselves pure for God, waiting to see any opportunity to do His will.

Not only did they ‘find favour with the king’ as God worked THROUGH them, but God did great things FOR them. We all know how God was with the three in the fire and was with Daniel in the den of lions. Afterwards, Daniel was promoted by the king and stayed at the palace; his friends were given important positions out in the provinces.

My point is if we stay faithful to God – keep reading His Word, putting it into action in our everyday lives, praying and trusting Him, we might just be amazed at how He will use us and promote us, even in our ‘captivity’.

Heavenly Father, we thank You that there is always more of You… that we can never reach the end of our God. We thank You that You do not despair of us nor give up on us. You are the God of another opportunity, and another and another. You have said in Your Word that we are the apple of Your eye; we are the pinnacle of Your Creation; we are in Your likeness. Help us to honour You in all we think, say and do. We want to lift the medical profession to you, Father, and all other carers – Lord have mercy on them, keep them safe, protect them from this virus, help them do their job. For those who don’t yet know You, Father, may they turn to You now and find Your blessed peace. In Jesus’ precious Name.