World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

Cook Islands
In this month…

In this month…

Heavenly Father, in this month when people around the world will be gathering in their churches, schools, prisons, halls and open spaces to ask your blessing on the nation of Zimbabwe, we want to add our voice and say will You have mercy on that ancient nation. Will You make the difference in that land – turn people’s hearts, heads and hands to You, to Your way of doing things, Your way of living. Your Word says ‘Love your neighbour’ – Father, we know there are myriad ways we can do this. Will you help us to see the opportunities You bring to us and give us the courage to take action to show others Your love for them, and that there is always hope in Jesus. Amen



I was playing in the woodlands,
Running by the stream.
Swimming in the ocean,
But it was all a dream.
The ocean filled with plastic,
The trees, all cut down
And the stream was built over…
Now it is underground.

Yes, the world is changing,
But looking down the line,
If we all pull together
The Earth will be just fine.

Charlotte Bartlett, Age 12 (with permission)