World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

Cook Islands
Invitation to the Feast

Invitation to the Feast

The invitation is given, COME:
Older folk

However, excuses are made with
Exclusion is chosen instead of
But the invitation is extended with
power and grace,
Through God’s spirit to every heart.
May there be no foolish excuses.

Father God, shake us out of
complacency to do our part,
To share your heart, your love, and
tell of your forgiveness.
May we sense the urgency to share
your invitation,
With family, friends and neighbours,
And invite them to our community
and to the feast.

The invitation is given, COME:
Children, Older folk, Middle-aged,
No matter where you have been
Or what you have done,
The Lord invites YOU, he says COME.

Louise Bowes