World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

Cook Islands
We can enjoy and be amazed

We can enjoy and be amazed

Heavenly Father, we thank You that while we are aware of the world’s many trials and troubles we can enjoy and be amazed at the stunning diversity You put in every part of Creation. We thank You for putting the multitude of stars into space, the huge variety of moths and butterflies to flutter about our gardens, the sweet little harvest mouse to scamper in the cornfields, the great big elephants to lumber through plains of Africa and India, the platypus down there around Australia. Father, how did you come to design them and why are they here? We thank You that You set the pattern for day and night. We thank You that as You promise in Your word, the seasons will come and go in the order You set. We thank You for Your marvellous provision of everything we humans need for a perfectly fulfilling life because we are the pinnacle of Your creation. We are the reason you created this beautiful environment.

Father, You put everything here for us to enjoy, for us to marvel at, for us to realise You love us so much You want to make us smile and to thrill at the beauty and surprises of Nature. All Your creation reminds us of You, also that You sent Jesus – He is Your most special gift to us, and we thank You for Him and the great price He paid for us. Hallelujah. What a God You are!

Through all these things we acknowledge Your presence which, in turn, brings great comfort even when we hear of dreadful things going on around us which show how far we have fallen – how far short of Your ways we have come. Father, we are so grateful that YOU do not change and we acknowledge that You have given us a job to do, which is simply to go and tell others about You. So, as we do our part by living our lives as a testimony to You and by loving others, that they may see the difference You make, we ask You to change people’s hearts, that they may know without God they are without hope. Help us to lead them to Jesus.

We pray these things in that mighty Name. Amen