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Embrace the Middle East

An important part of the outreach of World Day of Prayer is being informed for our prayers. The information then leads on to prayerful action. Very often the prayerful action is shown in a practical way when we give grants to appropriate charities. Usually, the grants are a one-off donation, just occasionally the National Committee will support a project for five years. These 5-year grants are called development grants, and a very close link is developed between the National Committee and the receiving charity.

Embrace the Middle East is one of the charities that receives a development grant and this is for the work in Gaza, through the Near East Council of Churches (NECC). We support the well-baby and antenatal clinics in the Gaza Strip. These clinics support women and their families in a holistic way providing mental health and psychological support when it is needed as well as the usual range of antenatal and child welfare services.

As part of our working together Embrace the Middle East have prepared the prayers for this month’s prayer focus. On the 25th September it is Embrace Day when we all can join together via the internet
contact: <> for more details.

Father and Source of all (1 Cor 8:6)
Who demands that we seek justice,
Call the tyrant to account,
Defend the orphan,
And plead for the widow (Isa 1:17),
We quieten ourselves in this moment to hear that call anew (1 Sam 3:9).
We listen, too, for unheard cries (Job 24:13),
Cries in our own hearts, among our near neighbours,
And those of forgotten people throughout the world.
Look, God, upon those children of yours,
Denied the abundance you have provided because of their
Ethnic or religious belonging,
Gender or age,
Disability or lack of connections,
Exposure to environmental degradation,
Poverty, ill-health, or lack of education.
Word of God and Firstborn over all Creation (Col 1:15)
Who became Middle Eastern flesh
And walked along Middle Eastern roads,
Whose Middle Eastern blood flowed
Onto Middle Eastern soil,
We see you weeping over Jerusalem (Luk 19:41).
By your victory over death
Draw near to those who walk in the valley of its shadow, with
Conflict and everyday violence,
Marginalisation and exploitation,
Brutal repression and fear.
May those who feel forgotten hear your weeping with them,
That having shared in your suffering they would share today in your new life.
Spirit and Wisdom of God
Who hovered over the waters and brought peace out of chaos (Gen 1:2),
Send forth rivers of justice to parched wastelands,
Slake the thirst of those who feel only your absence,
Empower just leaders in these ancient lands and their ancient churches,
That once again living water would flow out to the nations (Rev 22:1).
Comfort your people as they seek to serve
And intercede for their neighbours in
Egypt, Palestine, Israel,
Lebanon, Syria and Iraq,
In particular Embrace the Middle East’s partners,
Our family in Christ.

And so we pray your blessing upon all those you lead,
And with whom you are making all things new (Rev 21:5).
Mark Calder, Regional Manager (Scotland and N England), Embrace the Middle East

Heavenly Father
We adore You
You are God, seated high above the earth
Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end
You are the Lord strong and mighty with an outstretched arm
Ready to save
As the nation’s groan under the weight of sin
As peoples mourn, and hope is long forgotten
We ask Lord, turn your ear to the one’s You love
Attend to the cries of the orphan, the widow, the displaced
For nothing is hidden from You

Forgive us Lord when we become the focus of our attention,
seeking only the good of ourselves
Rend our hearts, O God, fill us afresh with compassion
toward our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters
Let the light of Christ manifest in all they do
Restore hope as they serve their neighbours
Bring solace as they drink of Your living waters
We thank you Father for every life, each one made in Your image
Unite our hearts that Your blessing may be upon all people
In the name of Jesus
Kerensa McCollough, Events Manager, Embrace the Middle East
Note: The love heart has been expertly handcrafted from the pruned branches of olive trees in Bethlehem

See the grants page for more information about Embrace the Middle East