World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

Cook Islands
Dear Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father

The prayer focus for December is naturally based on the birth of Jesus Christ. The Saviour of the world came in humble surroundings and we cannot forget the contrast between his greatness and his birth.

Dear Heavenly Father we focus our prayers through the contrast of greatness and a small community. In simple surroundings your son was born into a loving and caring family and he grew up to call us all into a great loving caring family, the Family of God. From his birth, with its outreach to ordinary working people out on the hillsides, and those who offered the stable, working as hospitality staff, we see that Jesus Christ came to ordinary people.

We thank you for all those who do every-day work: from shopkeepers, hospitality staff,  farmworkers, those who produce our food, and those keep the streets clean and lit.

The arrival of the Magi showed that Jesus had come for everyone across the world. Everyone, from the ordinary every-day to the wisest and the greatest, is called to rejoice in the wonderful new beginning brought by Jesus birth.

We thank you that those who, through science and technology, enable us to have safer lives. The development of medication and vaccines. For extending technologies that provide modern communication, and those who are able to use their abilities to help govern the world.

The travellers from the East followed a bright new star. It has become the symbol and sign of where Jesus is. We rejoice that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, grew up in the Holy Land and is now with us in our hearts today.

Thank you that the guiding star is still a sign for us. ‘It is a star of wonder’, ‘a star with Royal beauty bright’. We are reminded, ‘the stars in the sky look down where he lay’ and we are challenged to see a star with the question ‘do you see what I see; a star dancing in night’ and we can apply the same words about the Magi.

“As with gladness men of old
Did the guiding star behold
As with joy they hailed its light
Leading onward, beaming bright”

It is ‘By the light of that same star’ shining in our hearts that we prepare ourselves for celebrating a simple but wondrous birth at Christmas, and join ‘every star shall sing Carol’ to Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord.