World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

Cook Islands
Creator God…

Creator God…

Creator God, we praise and thank you for Slovenia.
From the steep, craggy majestic, mountain splendour of the Alps,
With their running ice cold steams,
To the summer warmth and beauty of the Adriatic shore,
Where the waves lap gently on the beaches during the long summer days.
We praise your name, O Lord.
For the damp smell of the dark pine forests, teeming with insect life,
Where the brown bears roam and lynx hide in the shadows.
We praise your name, O Lord.
For the lush green pastures surrounding family farms,
Where bees hum in fields of growing crops;
For the bright coloured flowers which adorn the countryside, and the free-flying birds, filling the air with their melodic songs.
For all the diversity and beauty of Slovenia’s unique land,
We offer our praise and thanksgiving to you, O Lord.

Anthea Allan