World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

Cook Islands


Come, Everything is Ready

Jesus graced this troubled world to tell the glorious news,
Of peace, joy and salvation, which one will you choose?
Will you take time to worship Christ through every precious day?
Or will you do your own thing in your own special way?

All people are invited but will you attend?
Everything is ready for the wedding feast, my friend.
The church is Jesus’ special bride made up of every nation
Being welcomed by the Lord will be a great sensation.

A man invited people to a feast at his expense.
Everything was ready for their desired presence.
The guests all said they could not come, each with his own excuse.
The man was angry to hear them all refuse.

He sent his servants out to find the deaf, lame and the blind
The prostitutes and outcast, anyone they could find.
“Just bring the people in”, he said, “everything is prepared
then nothing will be wasted, and my feast will be shared.”

Will you wear the wedding robe and join the glorious throng?
There will be no tears or pain, just peace and happy song.
Everyone attending has an allocated chair,
With blessing and contentment, eternity to share.

Jeannie Star 28/01/2016 London