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Worldwide concerns…

Worldwide concerns…

The theme for this month’s prayer focus is “bringing worldwide concerns to the Lord in prayer”, and has been brought about through the amazing use of modern technology. Through outreach by the International Committee and using videoconferencing there have been opportunities in the past year for sharing time together as a worldwide movement.

In July, during one of these times together, a member of World Day of Prayer in South Africa raised the need for the world to share in prayer for peace for that nation in these turbulent times.

International media brought us all pictures of the flood devastation in Germany. We have, over the years, developed good links with the German World Day of prayer ladies, and it was anticipated that there would be some groups visiting the UK from Germany in preparation for the 2022 service. Covid has put those visits on hold, but our prayers are never on hold.

Prayer for South Africa

Dear God we bring to you the peoples of South Africa who at the moment are in tumult, conflict, and desperate need. Jesus taught us to love our neighbour as we would love ourselves, to have a care for each and everyone’s needs, to be willing to share what we have and not to greedily keep it for ourselves.

We pray for those in leadership in South Africa that they know that your leadership does not mean exercising personal greed, but ensuring that all those of all backgrounds who make up population of South Africa have true equality of opportunity, protection within the law, and a knowledge and understanding of each other. We pray that those who feel that society can be changed through violence realise that violence only breeds violence and never truly brings change. We pray for your peace and calm to come to South Africa. Raise up men and women whose care and love for each other is respected by the majority and enable a humbling of proud hearts into the service of all.

Lord throughout the world we call those who share in the wave of prayer brought about by World Day of Prayer to pray for our sisters in South Africa in these troubled times. We thank you for the work they have done through prayerful action in the many projects that they have been inspired to start and maintain. May they know that in whatever situation they find themselves You are with them and they know your presence through the support of others, the prayers of many, and the ability to share their needs, concerns, and worries with others.

We bring these prayers to you through our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Prayer for Germany

Creator God who made the world out of chaos and disorder we pray for our sisters in Germany. The floods that have ravaged parts of Germany are an indication of the worldwide damage to your creation. The world you created we have used harshly, damaged and disrespected. Now we face climatic conditions and environmental situations that we have in many ways brought upon ourselves.

We pray for those whose homes have been swept away, their livelihoods washed away and their families separated by the divisive waters. We thank you for those who have come together in practical support with manpower, governmental responses and money. We pray for those who come together in spiritual support in prayer and messages.

You know that it is possible for Germany to repair and rebuild the physical aspects of the damage of these torrential floods but Lord we pray for our World Day of Prayer sisters in Germany and for the rebuilding of their emotional lives. You who bought peace in the storms we know about from the Bible, we pray that you can bring peace to people’s hearts. May we all be able to share that deep deep peace of your love today and for ever, Amen.