World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

Cook Islands


All-seeing, all-knowing Lord Jesus,
You discern the true motives and desires of our hearts,
No secrets are hidden from you.
When we plan our celebratory meals and dinner parties,
We consider who is influential and pleasant to know;
Who will provide introductions that could help with our career plans:
Who will reward us with a return invitation.
We too make our excuses when we consider people who have little to offer us, and that hurts those planning the occasion.
When you were on earth, you didn’t ‘cherry pick’ your invitations;
You mixed with people from all walks of life.
If you were here today, you would meet the decision makers and business people who had made their millions.
You would also share a cup of tea with the old and the lonely, and visit those in hostels for the homeless, the transients in bed and breakfast accommodation and the convicted in prison.
You would be at the soup kitchens.
You would be there at the food banks; you would be talking to people sitting on their sleeping bags in doorways.
You would be at the housing office with the angry and frightened who turn up each day looking for social housing before they are turned out on the street.
You would wait patiently with those who are waiting for their benefits to be restored.
You would help those with mental illness, disability and visual impairment.
You would be alongside drug addicts and alcoholics.
Help us to offer no excuses and follow your example.
When you call us to follow you, you ask us to love unconditionally for your sake and your kingdom.

Anthea Allan