World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

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After all this time

After all this time

After all this time of isolation & social distancing, how are you coping? Are you stressed? Fed-up? Bored? Run out of things to do? Missing close contact with family and friends? Uptight because you cannot minister to those needy people? You may even be one of those many families who have had to part with a loved one because of this miserable virus.

Do you remember that the Word says our beloved Saviour experienced everything we experience? He really does know exactly how we feel and He understands. He still stands with open arms and hands saying, ‘Come, Everything is Ready’. Whatever we need from Him, He is ready and able to provide a glorious abundance of that…take Him at His Word.

The first Adam came to a perfect world but made it imperfect. The second Adam (Jesus) came to an imperfect world to make perfection available to each of us. One day WE WILL live in perfection, with Him in heaven.

Father, help me to live one day at a time
Not to be thinking of what might have been
Not to be worrying about what may be
Help me to accept the fact that I cannot undo the past and I cannot foresee the future
Help me to remember that I will never be tried beyond what I can bear
That a Father’s hand will never cause His child a needless tear
That I can never drift beyond Your love and care


(William Barclay)