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Advent is the time when all Christians come together to prepare for the Birth of Jesus. A time of reflection, preparation and anticipation. We look forward in hope of the Good News of the Birth of Jesus Christ. The Canadian Christian singer and songwriter Brian Doerksen in his song Hope of the Nations, shows us how Jesus came to bring hope to everyone.

Jesus, hope of the nations
Jesus, comfort for all who mourn
You are the source of Heaven’s hope on earth

Jesus, light in the darkness
Jesus, truth in each circumstance
You are the source of Heaven’s light on earth

In history You lived and died
You broke the chains, You rose to life

You are the hope living in us
You are the rock in whom we trust
You are the light shining for all the world to see.

You rose from the dead conquering fear
Our Prince of Peace drawing us near
Jesus our hope, living for all who will receive
Lord, we believe.

We pray that at this time of Advent Dear God, Thank you that Christmas is a time of hope. Thank you that you sent Jesus at Christmas to give us the hope that the world can be a better place. Please help us to play our part in bringing hope and peace to the world.

During this month of Advent, as we make preparations for Christmas, let us remember people living away from home through strife, war, famine, fear and political instability. Just as there was no room for Mary and Joseph at the inn, there is often no room for people rejected by their own communities.

Let us pray for all political leaders to help them to make wise decisions about refugees and asylum seekers. We pray that your command to love our neighbour is lived out by our nation.

We pray for all those who work to help elevate the suffering and poverty caused by war, famine and political crises. Lord there are those who work formally through the United Nations and those who minster through many charities may they all be given the strength to carry on in all conditions and the knowledge that you are there with them.

We pray that through the love of Jesus many will find hope this Christmas. Amen

World Day of Prayer are looking forward to the service on 4th March 2022. The theme is” I know the Plans I have for you”. As part of the service, we ask What is your Hope for the future? If possible please share it on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #WDPhope. Please help us to create a movement of passionate hope-bringers across the world