World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

Cook Islands
Thank you…

Thank you…

Dear God
Thank you for your kind invitation,
It was unexpected.
I would like to be there but I need some help.
Sometimes I don’t like socialising,
I worry about how this invitation will fit into my life,
I feel too tired.
I wonder who else will be there?
I’m very busy at the moment.
What if the other guests are different to me and we don’t have anything in common?
Who else have you invited?
What if no-one likes me?
What if I don’t like them?
How long should I come for?
Could I just stay for a little while?
Lord help me to overcome these fears,
help me to be in a position to accept your invitation.
Help me to know your presence where I can be myself
and all other worries can melt away.
Help me to remember that you are always with me
and you know more about me than I know about myself.
Help me to be reassured that I can come as I am
And you want me for what I am-not what I bring.
Thank you that this invitation is for everyone,
regardless of our differences.
Thank you for all the doors this invitation will open
for me, the joy, the limitless potential.
I’m really excited now!
I’ll be there
PS Can I bring a +1

Dawn, Erdoo, Jess,Sophie and Verna.