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A new year has dawned

A new year has dawned

A new year has dawned and we are on the countdown to World Day of Prayer 2023, on Friday 3 March – we hope you will join with us in the huge wave of prayer for Taiwan which will encircle the earth for at least 38 hours. It will be awesome to be part of something so huge! Services will be held the length and breadth of England, Wales and Northern Ireland and we will share in stories of faith of Taiwanese women.

Over the past year, we, and our faith, have been tested and challenged. As 2023 stretches before us, it will certainly have its challenges as well as opportunities, so let us resolve to refocus our faith and trust in God anew. Let us bring everything to Him in prayer – our hope and fears, our dreams and tears – and walk through the unknown year, with what it will bring, with our hand securely held in His. For there is no better place to be.
From Together in Prayer: I have heard about your faith by Jacqui Keenan, 2023
Lord of all, today with your people
around the world, we pray:

for faith to believe that you rule the
world in truth and righteousness;

for faith to believe in the power of
your love to melt our hard hearts and
lovingly to forgive our sin;

for faith to see your purposes of love
unfolding in the happenings of today;

for faith to believe that if we seek first
your Kingdom and righteousness, you
will provide for all our needs;

for faith to take no anxious thought
for tomorrow but to believe that you
will be with us in the future as you
have been in the past;

for faith to be calm and trusting in
the face of challenges and difficulties
as we seek obediently to follow you
knowing that in your power alone we
are made strong and that your love
will never fail us;

for faith to leave in your hands the
care of all those whose lives are
intertwined with ours.

Thank you for the blessings you have
given us and grant us strength to walk
in the ways you lead us. May we know
your deep peace through Jesus Christ
our loving Lord.