6th March 2020

World Day of Prayer

Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk




A prayer about water

God of rain and river, of stream and storm, of sea and silent pools, of waterfall and waterhole, of wells and waves, of aquifer...

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Gweddi dros y Pwyllgor Cenedlaethol yn Zimbabwe

Ein Tad, wrth inni edrych ymlaen at Ddydd Gweddi 2020 gofynnwn yn garedig i ti fendithio’r paratoadau sy’n cymeryd lle ar...

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Come, Everythng is Ready

Jesus graced this troubled world to tell the glorious news, Of peace, joy and salvation, which one will you choose? Will you take...

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All-seeing, all-knowing Lord Jesus…

All-seeing, all-knowing Lord Jesus, You discern the true motives and desires of our hearts, No secrets are hidden from you. When...

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A Prayer in response to the Parable of the Great Feast

Dear God Thank you for your kind invitation, It was unexpected. I would like to be there but I need some help. Sometimes I don’t...

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Dear God…

Dear God Help me to be humble and passionate about you. Help me not to take for granted your love and your blessings. Help me...

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Jesus said ‘Come!’ But I was too busy. Jesus said ‘Come!’ But I was too sad. Jesus said ‘Come!’ There was something...

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Creator God…

Creator God, we praise and thank you for Slovenia. From the steep, craggy majestic, mountain splendour of the Alps, With their...

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Invitation to the Feast

The invitation is given, COME: Children Older folk Middle-aged Everyone. However, excuses are made with precision. Exclusion is...

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Give us this Day our Daily Bread

In a world where we are so involved with our own lives, help us Father to see those in need and share the bread you give us. As...

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