World Day of Prayer

I beg you, bear with one another in love


As I approach…

As I approach a waterfall I see the water flowing towards it, As it falls o’er the edge even the smallest ripple gathers more...

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Drawing Near to God in Quiet

Be in my home. Be in my room. Sit by me on my bed and draw near to me, Lord. My knowledge of your unending love is like a gentle...

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Lord, you have created…

Lord, you have created each one of us in your image, precious to you, of equal value. And yet our world is not equal. For many...

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God’s New Life for the Whole World

May the God whose power breaks through the stone, break into your life and free you from all that binds you; May the Risen Christ...

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Creator God Saving Jesus Loving Spirit

Creator God Saving Jesus Loving Spirit You made me in your image and saw that it was very good. I know that I’m fearfully and...

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O Lord, our Sovereign

O Lord, our Sovereign, how majestic is your name in all the earth. All your creation is very good. When we consider the awesomeness...

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GOD Creator Of the Universe

GOD Creator Of the Universe Of the earth and sea Of earth’s fruits and of flowers Of all humans, habitats and creatures Help...

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When I see a starry night

When I see a starry night, a harvest moon, the sun rise, a rainbow frame the sky, Or hear the crash of waves on a stormy day,...

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God of Creation and Lord of Life

God of creation and Lord of life. You entrusted us to care for our environment, but in many parts of the world we have failed....

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God of peace, of Mercy and Love

God of peace, of Mercy and Love, may the Flower of Peace bloom in the desert of war and adversity, now and always. So be it! Elizabeth...

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Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father, creator, the giver of Joy and Delight, may we today look out on your world and see the delights you have unstintingly...

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What is the Kingdom of Heaven like?

The World: The Kingdom of Heaven: Abuse Vulnerable protected Conflict Disagreement settled Disadvantaged Every opportunity an...

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