World Day of Prayer

I know the plans I have for you

Please keep England, Wales & Northern Ireland in your prayers

We can enjoy and be amazed

Heavenly Father, we thank You that while we are aware of the world’s many trials and troubles we can enjoy and be amazed...

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You may know…

You may know the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are written in picture form. Not only do you read the words but there is a...

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As we are at last

As we are at last on the way to being allowed off the leash (!) I expect today’s note will be the last of the weekly prayer...

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There is still…

There is still some good news… The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association reports : i. During May, 3,000 people in the UK...

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Love one another

Our Father in heaven, we thank You that there is still so much about this world which is amazing in its beautiful reflection of...

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How about

How about the following passage for a comfort… Isaiah 30:21 ‘Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears...

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Are we nearly there?

Are we nearly there? Dare we hope we may soon be able to actually meet instead of virtually meet..? Who’d have thought we...

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You may know that next year’s World Day of Prayer is written by the ladies of Vanuatu. The report below was received just...

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It has been noted

It has been noted that a lot of our favourite hymns are written by someone who is going through, or has gone through, some personal...

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‘He hideth my soul’

Think about the words of the song ‘He hideth my soul’ by Fanny Crosby: A wonderful Saviour is Jesus my Lord, A wonderful Saviour...

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I cannot tell

I cannot tell why grief and sadness linger Why jobs are lost, and people face despair; When this will end, if vaccines come and...

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After all this time

After all this time of isolation & social distancing, how are you coping? Are you stressed? Fed-up? Bored? Run out of things...

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