World Day of Prayer

I know the plans I have for you

Please keep England, Wales & Northern Ireland in your prayers

News from Vanuatu

OCTOBER 2020 This month marks the forty-first anniversary of Vanuatu’s constitution. A one day Climate Change workshop was held...

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28 Too Many

28 Too Many is a registered charity in England and Wales, established in 2010 by Dr Ann-Marie Wilson, to undertake research and...

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WDP Service 2021

The following link is a list of the commonest questions we are being asked, about arrangements for the 2021 service, together...

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WDPIC Journal 2020

The WDP Journal (not to be confused with Together in Prayer) is an annual publication of the World Day of Prayer International...

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WDP Service banners

A selection of beautiful WDP service banners. They have been created over the years, by members of Aley Green branch, Luton.

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Zimbabwe, April 2020

Zimbabwe is in lockdown because of Covid-19. Waiting for water My friend Julie Caddick contacted some of her staff and present...

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Uniting in Prayer

Each week during these difficult times, we will post an item of interest and a prayer to incorporate into our personal prayer...

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WDPIC Zimbabwe

For many years we have made plans to overcome the situations or troubles we face in Zimbabwe, but we are fast realising that there...

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Life in Zimbabwe

Our thanks to Julie Caddick, a member of the WDP Zimbabwe Committee, and to a member of the Potters Bar branch of WDP EWNI for...

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Thanks to the very generous donation of £3000 from “World Day of Prayer” we have been able to engage with Manyatta...

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Zimbabwe news

When I put my finger into a black china bowl of water in the sink to scoop out what I thought was a leaf, I found myself holding...

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Extracts from a letter from a member of the Zimbabwe WDP National Committee 31st January 2020 … with the continuing power...

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