Reports from the Day of Prayer - Northern Region

posted 24/03/2017

Sunderland Tyne and Wear WWDP

Sunderland Tyne and Wear WWDP service congregation included nurses from Sunderland Royal Hospital and felt uplifted by the occasion. After the service they enjoyed tea and Philippine treats.

tyne and Wear P1070747

posted 24/03/2017

Hullbridge Free Church

These are the participants at this year’s WWDP service held at Hullbridge Free Church. We had a fellowship lunch before the service.

Hullbridge Free Church Unknown

posted 24/03/2017

Lady of Pity Roman Catholic Church

Our Lady of Pity Roman Catholic  Church hosted the WWDP service this year. Some ladies from the Philippines brought traditional foods to taste and they participated in the service.

Our Lady of Pity Roman Catholic IMG_3140

posted 15/03/2017

Barnard Castles’ WWDP

Barnard Castle’s WWDP service took place at the Methodist Church this year. They enjoyed the welcome café and the girls who sang and rice products were donated to the foodbank.

Barnard Castle's WWDP WWDP Participants 2017

posted 09/03/2017

Kendal Cumbria

Here is a picture from Kendal Cumbria of our service held at Sandylands Methodist Church.

Kendal Cumbria E5BC095E-C69C-4ED7-9D1E-4CF8745838B0

posted 09/03/2017

Morpeth WWDP

Morpeth WWDP recruited a choir for their WWDP service and then provided a tea afterwards. The men enjoyed it too!

Morpeth WWDP 20170303_152843

posted 09/03/2017


Spen WWDP all enjoyed the service this year.


posted 09/03/2017

New Mills Derbyshire

This is the WWDP service at St Mary’s church New Mills Derbyshire.

St Mary's church New Mills Derbyshire

Reports from the Day of Prayer - Western Region

posted 11/05/2017

Llanelli WWDP

Llanelli WWDP held their service, this year at ‘Our Lady of Peace catholic church, this year.

posted 24/03/2017

St Austell WWDP

Here are the dancers at St Austell WWDP evening service.

posted 15/03/2017

Chester WWDP

Chester WWDP found this interesting piece of bark after storm Doris and put it on their display to represent a fish for their service.

Chester WWDP Untitled

posted 15/03/2017

Ludlow Shropshire

This is the picture taken at the WWDP service at Ludlow Shropshire.

Ludlow Shropshire IMG_1852

posted 15/03/2017

Cheriton Fitzpaine

At Cheriton Fitzpaine, before the service, the Brownie leader talked to the Brownies about the Philippines and they used some of the children’s resources to help create the display boards to put in the Parish Church.

Cheriton Fitzpaine 004

posted 15/03/2017

Falmouth WWDP

Falmouth WWDP held their service in the Methodist Church this year. Here is a photo of them in action.

Falmouth WWDPWP_20170303_11_02_58_Pro (2)

posted 09/03/2017


Here are the WWDP members who took part in the service at Aberystwyth.


posted 09/03/2017

Bancyfelin Carmarthenshire

Here are the WWDP  holding their service in the village of Bancyfelin Carmarthenshire.

Bancyfelin Carmarthenshire

posted 09/03/2017


When Belfast WWDP held their service, the church was beautifully decorated and they left the church reflecting on how they were responding to God’s call.

Belfast WWDP picture of committee for WWDP no 1

posted 09/03/2017

Exeter WWDP

Exeter WWDP were fortunate to have five ladies from the Philippines, who are living here at present to take parts in the service. They came dressed in beautiful bright colours and national costume.

Exeter WWDP IMG_1103

posted 09/03/2017

St Peter’s Lifeline

These ladies work for St Peter’s Lifeline and they are joining in with the WWDP service at St Peter’s Parish Church, Kabuki, Kenya.

St Peter's Lifeline St Peter's Parish Church, Kabuki, Kenya


Meanwhile back at headquarters of St Peter’s Lifeline, Staff are joining in with the WWDP service at St John’s Parish Church Glastonbury.

St Peter's Lifeline Staff WWDP service at St John's Parish Church Glastonbury

posted 09/03/2017

St Minder, Cornwall.

All ready for the service at St Michael’s Church, St Minder, Cornwall.

St Michael's Church, St Minder, Cornwall

Reports from the Day of Prayer - South Eastern Region

posted 10/10/2017


These pictures show the main participants of the Thatcham WWDP service and the committee members.

posted 11/05/2017


Ely WWDP service took place at Ely City Church. People from many different churches attended who both enjoyed the service and were challenged by the words from the women of the Philippines.

posted 06/04/2017

Pett and Fairlight WWDP

Pett and Fairlight WWDP held their WWDP service this year at Pett Chapel.

Pete and Fairlight WWDP 20170303_154232

posted 01/04/2017


Despite illness, closure of a church and a chance to rehearse Lydd WWDP produced a service, of which they felt proud.

Lydd WWDP DSCN2014

posted 01/04/2017

St Ambrose’s Church Kidderminster

St Ambrose’s Church Kidderminster hosted their WWDP service this year. It proved to be a day of celebration, with the service in the morning, mass in the evening followed by a joyous party.

St Ambrose's Church Kidderminster Women'sPrayer2

posted 24/03/2017

Wellingborough WWDP

Wellingborough WWDP had both an afternoon service and an evening café style service. They used some of the Filipino recipes for this.

Wellingborough WWDP IMG_20170303_205503816

posted 24/03/2017

Bury St Edmunds WWDP

The Bury St Edmunds WWDP service took place in the local Roman Catholic Church. The service was led by a Philippine lady and attended by the mayor.

Bury St Edmunds Unknown

posted 24/03/2017

Bournemouth WWDP

Bournemouth WWDP service took place at Cornerstone Baptist Church, this year.

posted 15/03/2017

Paddock Wood

At the WWDP service at St Justus Church Paddock Wood, a Filipino lady displayed her beautiful dress.

WWDP St Justus Church Paddock Wood wwdop

posted 15/03/2017

Reigate and Redhill WWDP

Reigate and Redhill WWDP were greatly helped by church Filipino families. They brought their children in national dress and cooked an authentic Philippine meal for everyone.

Reigate and Redhill WWDP Little children with Philippino flag

posted 15/03/2017

Purbrook WWDP

Purbrook WWDP met at St John’s church this year and found the music enjoyable and the service moving, finishing with amazing refreshments.

Purbrook WWDP 20170303_135400

posted 10/03/2017


Two Filipino ladies in their beautiful national costumes joined Maidenhead for their WWDP service.


posted 10/03/2017


Chesham WWDP service took place in the United Reform Church this year. They enjoyed both the materials and service so much that they hope to hold afternoon and evening services next year.

Chesham WWDP IMG_0011

posted 09/03/2017


Lavenham Deanery and Lavenham Salvation Army led and took the parts and catered for Friday’s WWDP service which was a happy and successful occasion.

Lavenham Deanery and Lavenham Salvation Army 20170303_145751



posted 09/03/2017


Churches together in Beaconsfield organised this year’s Women’s World Day of Prayer Service at St Teresa’s Church, followed by tea in the Parish Centre.

Beaconsfield WWDay fo Prayer

posted 09/03/2017


Woodstock Primary School fish-shaped shortbread biscuits!

Woodstock Primary School DSC03668

posted 09/03/2017


This is St Anna’s Banstead WWDP service in action.

St Anna's Banstead prayer-3743

posted 09/03/2017

Ruislip, London

NW London held their WWDP service at Ruislip Baptist Church and felt it to be marvellous this year.

Ruislip Baptist Church WWDP 3.3.2017 RUISLIP

posted 09/03/2017

Hitchin WWDP

Hitchin WWDP enjoyed the service and this is the display that they made.

Hitchin WWDP 20170303_161933

Reports from the Day of Prayer - International

posted 10/10/2017

Vellore, South India

These photographs come from the English speaking church of Vellore, South India. The church is near a large medical hospital and many women hospital workers attend this church. There are also many WWDP services  held in Tamil speaking churches here too.

posted 01/04/2017

Unterberg Congregational Church South Africa

This year’s WWDP service took place in Unterberg Congregational Church where WWDP South Africa was originally started.

Unterberg Congregational Church WWDP South Africa Unknown

posted 09/03/2017

WWDP service in Albir, Spain

Sampling Filipino refreshments at the WWDP service in Albir Spain. Fortyfour people attended the service there.

WWDP service in Albir Spain DSC04654 (1)


posted 09/03/2017

St Peter’s Lifeline

These ladies work for St Peter’s Lifeline and they are joining in with the WWDP service at St Peter’s Parish Church, Kabuki, Kenya.

St Peter's Lifeline St Peter's Parish Church, Kabuki, Kenya


Meanwhile back at headquarters of St Peter’s Lifeline, Staff are joining in with the WWDP service at St John’s Parish Church Glastonbury.

St Peter's Lifeline Staff WWDP service at St John's Parish Church Glastonbury

Reports from Preparation Days - Northern Region

There are currently no news stories/reports, please check back soon.

Reports from Preparation Days - Western Region

There are currently no news stories/reports, please check back soon.

Reports from Preparation Days - South Eastern Region

posted 04/11/2017


Maggie and Irene enjoyed their time at the Essex Preparation Day


Day of Prayer 3rd March 2017 - Philippines

2017 Day  of Prayer

Setting the scene.

The Philippines comprises a group of islands located on the Pacific Ring of Fire close to the equator. This contributes to the high incidence of typhoons and earthquakes (around 20 per year.)

Climate change has led to an increase in storms, droughts and severe typhoons with Typhoon Yolanda, (or Haiyan), recorded in November 2013 as the most severe storm ever to hit land and claiming thousands of lives.


The Philippines is a constitutional republic with a democratic government led by the President . However, the predominantly Muslim island of Mindanao has its own autonomous regional government.
17% of elected government posts are filled by women.
There have been two women presidents – Corazon Aquino and Gloria Arroyo, both of whom come from families with a long political tradition.


Before Spanish colonisation in the 16th century, women occupied some status in the community. However, the Spanish introduced feudalism, leading to the subordination of women throughout the archipelago.

Today many Filipino women take on the role of breadwinner, often working abroad as service crew, domestic helpers or skilful professionals in the medical field.

The Philippine Constitution provides for equal rights, yet in practice Filipino women are often discriminated against and treated as subordinates in the home, in the church and in society.


Public education is sponsored by the government but there are also private schools. Children start school at age 4 and elementary public schools are free.


The Philippines is one of the fastest growing Asian economies with labour migration a major economic force. This has impacted on the social fabric of the country. Ninety per cent of domestic workers are women – of which the majority work in the Gulf countries.
Primary exports include semiconductors, coconut oil, fruits, garments and products relating to electronics, transport, copper and petroleum.
Tourism accounts for 10% of national employment and contributes to almost 6% of the Philippine Gross Domestic Product.


Circa 65,000 BC Believed first human beings begin to populate the area.
1521 Ferdinand Magellan arrives from Portugal
1565 Spanish colonisation begins and lasts for more than three centuries.
Independent kingdoms of the archipelago unify and become known as the Philippines.
1896 The Philippine Revolution against Spain begins, resulting in the First Philippine Republic.
The Treaty of Paris transfers control of the Philippines to the United States,
1898 United States establishes a military government i
1899 The Philippine Republic does not agree with the treaty and wages war against the U.S..
1902 Conflict declared over..
1935 .Commonwealth status granted
1946 Full independence from the U.S.
US presence remains in terms of investments and military forces – influences religion, education and technology.
1970 Martial law declared by Ferdinand Marcos
1986 People’s Power Revolution ousts Marcos in peaceful coup. Return to democracy.

For further, illustrated information see our publication ‘Together in Prayer’ available from the WWDP office in Tunbridge Wells.
Tel: 01892 541411 Email: Price £2.50

Together in Prayer Magazine 2017

Prayer Resource

Prayer Resource

Together in Prayer 2017 - £2.50

Together in Prayer 2017 - £2.50

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Our History

This logo was designed for the 1982 service

coloured logo 1

The design comprises arrows converging from the four points of the compass, four figures kneeling in prayer, the Celtic cross and a circle representing the world and our unity through all our diversity.



The origins of Women’s World Day of Prayer date back to the 19th century when Christian women in the USA and Canada initiated a variety of cooperative activities in support of women’s involvement in mission, at home and abroad.

These activities centred around the following areas:
Concern for women and children – In spite of strong opposition from all-male mission boards, from 1861 onwards women founded numerous and effective women’s boards for foreign and home missions, whereby they could work directly with and for women and children

The role of prayer in mission work – Since 1812 women had encouraged one another to engage in personal prayer and to lead communal prayer within their mission auxiliaries and associations. This emphasis on prayer led to annual days and weeks of prayers within individual denominations.

1887 – Presbyterian women called for a day of prayer for Home Missions and Methodist women called for a week of prayer and self-denial for foreign missions.

1891 – A Baptist day of prayer for foreign missions began.

1895 – A day of corporate intercessions for mission was initiated by the Women’s Auxiliary of the Anglican Church of Canada.


By 1897 the women of six denominations formed a joint committee for a united day of prayer for home missions.

In 1912 The Women’s Boards of Foreign Missions called for a united day of prayer for foreign missions.


1908 – Women founded the Council of Women for Home Missions that took responsibility for joint work with immigrants and other social issues and for preparation of the joint day of prayer.

1910-1911 – Women celebrated 50 years of women’s missionary activity by organising a series of talks across the United Stated that provided a powerful experience of ecumenical cooperation, local and global networking, prayer and information sharing and biblical reflection.


Efforts for unity continued and in 1922 two separate united days of prayer, one in Canada and one in the United States, came together with a common date – the first Friday of Lent. In the second half of 1926 the women of North America distributed the worship service to many countries and partners in mission. The response worldwide was enthusiastic and WOMEN’S WORLD DAY OF PRAYER came into being.


It was in 1928, at an international missionary conference in Jerusalem, that Scotswoman Grace Forgan first learned of the world day of prayer and brought the news to these islands.



Grace Forgan


The first services were held:
1930 in Scotland.
1932 in England
1933 in Wales
1934 in Ireland

The Second World War was a time of great growth – drawing women together in prayer and fellowship.

In 1941 the WWDP office in London was bombed and all property and records destroyed. There was no loss of life and minutes recovered from members enabled the bare bones of the first 9 years to be preserved.

Often the planning committee in London met in an air-raid shelter but every year Orders of Service were produced and supplied to the rest of the country. This is now part of the work of the National Committee.

It was not until the reforms of the second Vatican Council that Roman Catholic women were able to take a full part in the day of prayer and in 1967 the day was celebrated at a special service in Westminster Cathedral, by invitation of Cardinal Heenan.

In 1969 the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations encouraged Roman Catholic women worldwide to participate in WWDP and to make this possible WUCWO moved their own day of prayer from March to May.

In 1982 the service was prepared by the women of Ireland, both north and south.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland there are now over 3,000 branches holding 5,000 services every year. Last year 275,000 copies of the order of service were printed.

It is from such roots as these that WWDP has taken its present shape – a worldwide ecumenical movement of Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action.

Past themes and writers of the order of service - 1927 – 2014

Pray Ye Therefore
Mary Hough, USA
Breaking down Barriers
Mrs M H Lichliter, USA
That they may All be One
Florence G Tyler, USA
That Jesus may be Lifted Up
Helen Kim, Korea
Ye shall be My Witnesses
K W McArthur, Canada
Hold Fast in Prayer
Helen Tupper, India
Follow thou Me
C C Chen, China
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
Mrs J W L Hofmeyer, S Africa
Bear ye one another’s Burdens
Baroness van Boetzelaer van Dubbeldam, Holland
On earth, Peace, Goodwill
toward Men
Laura Jorquera, Chile
Thou art The Christ,
The Son of The Living God
Mabel Shaw, Africa
The Church, a World Fellowship
Alice Henderson, New Zealand
Let us put our Love into Deeds –
and make it Real
In Quietness and in Confidence
shall be your Strength
Muriel and Doris Lester, England
Thy Kingdom Come
WWDP Committee of Shanghai, China
I am the Way
Emily Werner, New York and a group of refugees from France & Germany
That they may All be One
Georgina Harkness and Mary Benjamin Mays, USA
God wondered that there was
no Intercessor
From statements of 150 nationals and repatriated missionaries from over 100 countries
That ye should show forth the
praises of Him who hath called
you out of darkness into His
Marvelous Light
WWDP committee of England, Wales & Northern Ireland
The things that make for our Peace
Mabel Shaw, Central Africa
Make level in the desert a
Highway for our God
Isabel Caleb, India
The World at Prayer
Jessie Bader, Welthy Honsinger Fisher and Helen Smith Shoemaker, USA
The Lord is thy Keeper
Women of China
Faith for our Time
Michi Kawai, Japan
Perfect Love casteth out Fear
Else Niemoeller and Hildegard Schaeder, Germany
Christ, our Hope
Migrants, Sharecroppers and Native Americans, USA
Walk as Children of Light
Women of Africa
That they may have Life
Sarah Chakko, India
Abide in Me
Jorgelina Lozada, Argentina
One Flock, One Shepherd
Cook Christian Training School, Phoenix, USA
Who shall Separate Us….?
Serena Vassady, Hungarian in exile
The Bread of Life
Women of Australia
Lord, I believe
Women of Egypt
Labourers together with God
Women of Canada
Forward through the ages,
in everything give Thanks
Sue Weddell, USA
For God so Loved the World
Violeta Cavallero, Uruguay
More than Conquerors
Women of South Korea
Let us Pray
Madeleine Barot, France/WCC
What doth the Lord Require?
Pearl McNeil, USA
You are My witnesses
WWDP committee of Scotland
Of His Kingdom there shall be
no end
Queen Salote, Tonga Islands
Bear Ye one another’s Burdens
Rathie Selvaratnam, Ceylon
Growing together in Christ
Women of Sierra Leone, Ghana, S Africa, Congo, Zambia and Kenya


Be of good courage!
Women of Jamaica, Egypt, USA, Philippines and Guyana
A New People for a New Age
Women of Jamaica
All Joy be Yours
Women of Europe
Alert in our time
WWDP committee of New Zealand
Make us Builders of Peace
Women of Japan
Become perfectly One
Women of Egypt
Education through Living
Women of Mexico and S America1977
Love in Action
Women of the German Democratic Republic
Community Spirit in
Modern Living
Women of Canada
Spiritual Growth
Women of East Africa
Responsible Freedom
Women of Thailand
The Earth is the Lord’s
Native American women, USA
The people of God – Gathered
for Worship, Scattered for Service
Women of Ireland, North and South
New persons in Christ
Women of the Caribbean
Living water from Christ,
our Hope
Women of Sweden
Peace through Prayer and Action
Women of India
Choose Life!
Women of Australia
Come and Rejoice!
(Centennial anniversary of WWDP)
WWDP International Committee
Open Doors
Women of Brazil
Lord, teach us to Pray
Women of Burma
A Better Tomorrow,
Justice for All
Women of Czechoslovakia
On the Journey Together
Women of Kenya
Living wisely with Creation
German speaking women of Switzerland, Austria and Germany
God’s people: instruments
of Healing
Women of Guatemala
Go, See and Act
Women of Palestine
The Earth is a House for
All People
Women of Ghana
God calls us to Respond
Women of Haiti
Like a Seed which grows
into a Tree
Women of South Korea
Who is my Neighbour:
Women of Madagascar
God’s Tender Touch
Women of Venezuela
Talitha Kumi – Young Woman
Stand Up!
Women of Indonesia
Informed prayer,
Prayerful action
Women of Samoa
Challenged to Reconcile
Women of Romania
Holy Spirit, Fill us
Women of Lebanon
In Faith, Women
Shape the Future
Women of Panama
Let Our Light Shine
Women of Poland
Signs of the Times
Women of South Africa
United under God’s Tent
Women of Paraguay
God’s Wisdom Provides
New Understanding
Women of Guyana
In Christ there are many
members but one Body
Women of Papua New Guinea
Jesus said to them:
“Let Everything That Has Breath
Praise God”
Women of The Bahamas
How Many Loaves Have You?
Let Justice Prevail
I Was A Stranger And You Welcomed Me
Streams in the desert
Do you know what I have done to you?
The Bahamas
Receive children. Receive me.


Current year and future themes and writers

3RD MARCH 2017


Am I Being Unfair to You?
(Service prepared by the Christian women of Philippines)

The World Day of Prayer worship service has a special annual theme which is developed by women of a different country each year. A national committee then prepares an order of service on that theme.

Am I Being Unfair to You?
All God’s Creation Is Very Good
Come – Everything Is Ready
Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk
Build on a Strong Foundation

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