World Day of Prayer

I beg you, bear with one another in love


Vanuatu: update on earthquake warning

Three earthquakes occurred over a period of about 8 hours in the South Pacific between Thursday 4 and Friday 5 March. The third...

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Celebrate WDP 2021 with Women in Vanuatu!

Let us celebrate the World Day of Prayer in 2021 prepared by the women of the Vanuatu islands. “In the spirit of the 2021...

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Vanuatu News 2021

Covid 19 So far the total of Covid 19 cases in Vanuatu remains at just one but the indirect effects have been devastating to Vanuatu’s...

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Introducing Vanuatu

We are grateful to the Canadian WDP Committee for allowing us to share this video. It provides an in-depth introduction to the...

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News from Vanuatu

On 4th December Vanuatu moved on from its status one of the least developed countries and became, officially, a Developing Country....

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News from Vanuatu

OCTOBER 2020 This month marks the forty-first anniversary of Vanuatu’s constitution. A one day Climate Change workshop was held...

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