World Day of Prayer

I know the plans I have for you

Please keep England, Wales & Northern Ireland in your prayers

Message from the office

The world joined EWNI in praying our service on 4 March, and it has proved a great Blessing to all. Your reports have been lovely to read, and the photographs have shown how creative and versatile you all are. The office is now very busy processing all the returns, after two enforced quiet years this is very welcome.

We are part of a 24-7, 365 day a year, women-led prayer movement, a real Blessing to us. Let us continue to share this locally, nationally and internationally.

Yours in Christ,



Mary Judd

WDP office in Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells WDP office

Tunbridge Wells WDP office

Office expansion wins civic award

The original office was proving too small.

The staff were finding it very difficult to fulfil their roles and store all the paperwork – especially all the envelopes for Gift Aid, because they have to be stored for a period of seven years.

The committee looked at the possibility of moving premises but this proved to be too expensive. It was decided an extension would be the best option.

The WDP Office building in Tunbridge Wells won the 2012 award for the refurbishment of, and the extensions to, the building.

Who are we?


So what do we do?
(a long list – let’s try to précis it)

collate and manage Returns from the Day of Prayer each year;

deal with the Gift Aid envelopes, typing up their details and submitting claims to HMRC;

liaise with National Committee regarding all the materials, typing, proofing, ordering, obtaining copyright as necessary and liaising with printers;

calculate stock needs each year;

pack and post orders and Preparation Day parcels;

deal with correspondence;

manage the finances for the Movement including grant applications;

liaise with outside bodies for example the RNIB regarding Braille copies of the Order of Service;

send materials to the senior Royal ladies;

liaise with the International Office in New York and act on behalf of the European Representatives on the International Committee;

manage the building on behalf of the Trustees, keeping equipment updated and the fabric of the building in good order, liaising with suppliers as necessary.