World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

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International Committee

After the Second World War the rapid growth of the Movement made it necessary to have an international committee to oversee the work of the movement worldwide. Based in New York, it is administered by our Executive Director.

Each country has its own national committee and is part of a regional grouping. Every 4 years representatives of these national committees gather in a different area of the world.

Each meeting brings special contributions to the growth of the movement when women gather:
to share experiences of the World Day of Prayer;
to select themes and writers for the worship services;
to elect an executive committee that is ecumenical, with representatives from Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions and comprised of a chairperson, treasurer and representatives from Africa, Asia, Caribbean/North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and the Pacific;
to prepare a budget based on contributions from the national committees and special gifts;

to consider ways by which the movement may grow

At these meetings themes and writers for future services are chosen: the themes group sifts through all the suggestions sent from around the world. Common ideas are drawn out and themes selected, together with suggestions for scripture passages to support them. These themes are allocated to countries who have expressed a desire to prepare an order of service. The countries are chosen to give as wide a regional representation as possible.

Once a new set of themes and countries has been selected, our Executive Director assists in setting up workshops in each country to enable as many women as possible to have input into their service, giving a wide range of views and ideas. The writing group in that country prepares a draft order of service that is sent to the International Committee. This is sent, in English, French or Spanish to national committees worldwide. Within our own national committee, there is a committee that provides a translation for the Welsh speaking churches.

Altogether the service is translated into over 1,000 different languages and dialects.

Katie Reimer

Executive Director

Joyce Larko Steiner


Deanne Newland


Edith Toth

European Representative

Senka Sestak Peterlin

European Representative