1st March 2019

World Day of Prayer

Come - Everything is Ready!


The National Committee

The National Committee for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, consists of one representative from each of the participating denominations, each chosen by their denomination to represent it on WDP. These representatives are appointed for a term of nine years, reviewable every three. If during that time a member is elected to become a Trustee, her denominational status ends and the denomination will be requested to appoint somebody else to represent it. The newly appointed Trustee will serve a further two years as Vice-chairperson, two years as Chairperson and two years as President. (Effective from 2018 in accordance with the revised constitution. During this period of transition, the current Chairperson will remain in post longer than the two years.)

We are a working committee of volunteers and all members are expected to take a full part in the year-round activities.

What the National Committee does

The members of the National Committee in England, Wales and Northern Ireland meet in January, March, May and September for their ordinary committee meetings.

In November, they attend a four day residential meeting. During this time, materials received from the country preparing the service in 15 months time, are discussed and edited.

After the four days most of the material is still at draft stage. Over the following weeks the material is worked upon resulting in the order of service, background, bible study and the childrens’ leaflet, together with a teachers’ guide, which are then printed ready for the Link Day, which is held in London in July. At the Link Day, preparation day organisers from all over the UK are informed about the country that has prepared the service for the following March, given a taste of the service and led in a study of the scripture passages.

Preparation days are organised in order to inform local WDP groups about the country that has prepared the service and the materials available. Materials are available to purchase. Some materials are free of charge.

These days take place from September until early February. Most of the meetings are held in October and November. Members of the national committee attend most of these meetings.

The National Committee of the WDP also has links round the world, with other committees of the WDP. Frequently we are asked to pray for the situations in various countries.

All members of the committee work on a voluntary basis and only claim expenses.


Margaret (Maggie) Pickford


Elizabeth Burroughs

Vice Chairperson

Nicola Hoskin-Stone

Ade Akinbisehin

Council for African and Afro Caribbean Churches

Fieldwork Coordinator (South Eastern Region)

Carole Bourne

Church of England

Louise Bowes

Northern Ireland

Appointed Officer as of Sept 2018

Siobhan Canham

Roman Catholic Church

Beryl Cosens

Congregational Federation

Audrey Eccleston

Joint Council of Churches for All Nations

Appointed Officer as of Sept 2018

Rhianydd Hallas

Coopted Member

Irene Hayes

Methodist Church

Wendy Hopcroft

Moravian Church

Jean Jones

Lutheran Church

Fieldwork Coordinator (Western Region)

Christine Miles

English Speaking Churches of Wales

Heather Pencavel

United Reformed Church

Janice Reid

The Church of God of Prophecy

Fieldwork Coordinator (Northern Region)

Muriel Stonehewer

Wesleyan Reform Union

(to be appointed)

Baptist Union

(to be appointed)

Christian Brethren

(to be appointed)

The Salvation Army

(to be appointed)

Welsh Speaking Churches