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The Office Staff – Administrator Mary Judd (left) Nicci Buckner (right) and Nette (no picture)

Prayer is a powerful weapon, informed prayer even more so.
I trust you are enjoying learning more about Suriname now all the materials are available to you and preparations get underway for the Day of Prayer 2018.
We pray now for the people of that country that they will feel Blessed leading up to the service and continue to hold them in our prayers beyond 2nd March 2018.

Informed Prayer, Prayerful Action.


The Role of the Office

From the early days there has always been a need for a central office and now in the depths of Tunbridge Wells lies a little white building (not so ‘little’ these days) that has become the hub of Women’s World Day of Prayer England, Wales & Northern Ireland. With the committee members coming from all over the country and as materials supplied and information gathered increases the need for a central office has never been greater.

So here we are, three employees (two part-time, one full-time) here to serve the national committee, branch members and other interested parties.

So what do we do? The list is quite long really but let’s try to précis it for you:

  • we collate and manage returns from the Day of Prayer each year;
  • deal with the gift aid envelopes, typing up their details and submitting claims to HM Revenue & Customs;
  • liaise with National Committee regarding all the materials, typing, proofing, ordering, obtaining copyright as necessary and liaising with printers;
  • calculate stock needs each year;
  • pack and post orders;
  • pack and send preparation day parcels;
  • deal with correspondence;
  • manage the finances for the Movement including grant applications;
  • liaise with outside bodies for example the RNIB regarding Braille copies of the Order of Service;
  • send materials to the senior Royal ladies;
  • liaise with the International Office in New York and act on behalf of the European Representatives on the International Committee;
  • manage the building on behalf of the Trustees, keeping equipment updated and the fabric of the building in good order liaising with suppliers as necessary.

We are here for you – answering queries as best as we can and promoting Women’s World Day of Prayer. We try to do this in a calm, concise, precise, informed and prayerful way. Sometimes I do admit in the very busy times, we do get rattled, we are only human after all! Please forgive us.

We do like to hear from you and if you are ever in Tunbridge Wells please do come and find the white building.


Gimp Office 2

Mary’s desk

Gimp Office 4

Nicci’s desk

Gimp Office 3

Nette’s area

Gimp Office 5

Post and packing



The original office was proving too small. The staff were finding it very difficult to fulfil their roles and store all the paperwork – especially all the envelopes for Gift Aid, because they have to be stored for a period of seven years. The committee looked at the possibility of moving premises but this was going to prove to be too expensive so, it was decided that an extension would be the best option.

The WWDP Office building in Tunbridge Wells won the 2012 award for the refurbishment of, and the extensions to, the building.


GIMP civic society presentation

June Freudenberg from the national committee, Mary Judd from the office, Mark Stewart the architect and James Chattell the builder.

GIMP civic society presentation certificare.

The award, which was presented by The Royal Tunbridge Wells Civic Society

Gimp Office 1

 The logo on the front of the building

Gimp Office 7

The front of the building

Gimp Office 6

 The front of the building


Gimp Office 8

Emma trying to organise us


Gimp Office 10

The committee – organised and in place!

 Gimp Office 9

Our office and the Committee

Gimp Office 12

Pastor Cliff Allen annointing the building


Gimp Office 11

 Pastor Cliff Allen


Gimp Office 14

Mary cutting the ribbon


Gimp Office 13

Mary with architect Mark Stewart, builder James Chattell and Pastor Cliff Allen.

Work of Our Committee

The members of the National Committee in England,Wales and Northern Ireland meet in January, March, May and September for their ordinary committee meetings.

In November, they attend a four day residential meeting. During this time, materials received from the country preparing the service in 15 months time, are discussed and edited.

After the four days most of the material is still at the draft 1 or draft 2 stage. Over the following weeks the material is worked upon resulting in the order of service, background, bible study and the childrens’ leaflet, together with a teachers’ guide, which are then printed ready for the Link Day, which is held in London in July. At the Link Day, preparation day organisers from all over the UK are informed about the country that has prepared the service for the following March, given a taste of the service and led in a study of the scripture passages.

Preparation days are organised in order to inform local WWDP groups about the country that has prepared the service and the materials available. Materials are available to purchase. Some materials are free of charge.

These days take place from September until early February. Most of the meetings are held in October and November. Members of the national committee attend most of these meetings.

The National Committee of the WWDP also has links round the world, with other committees of the WDP. (Many countries do not have the word ‘women’ in their title.) Frequently we are asked to pray for the situations in various countries.

All members of the committee work on a voluntary basis and only claim expenses.

The National Committee is made up of a President, Vice-President, Chairperson and denominational representatives.

The National Committee for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, consists of one representative from each of the participating denominations, each chosen by their denomination to represent it on WWDP. These representatives are appointed for a term of 9 years, reviewable every 3. If during that time a member is elected to become a Trustee, her denominational status ends and the denomination will be requested to appoint somebody else to represent it. The newly appointed Trustee will serve a further 2 years as Vice-chairperson, 2 years as Chairperson and 2 years as President. (Effective from 2018 in accordance with the revised Constitution. During this period of transition, the current Chairperson will remain in post longer than the 2 years.)

We are a working committee of volunteers and all members are expected to take a full part in the year-round activities.

2013-05-21 2013.05.21 WWDP Committee photo shoot 134 of 150 IJ4A2230 President 2016-2018
Kathleen Skinner
2013-05-21 2013.05.21 WWDP Committee photo shoot 107 of 150 IJ4A2203 Vice President 2016-2018
Margaret (Maggie) Pickford
2013-05-21 2013.05.21 WWDP Committee photo shoot 86 of 150 IJ4A2182 Chairperson 2016-2020
Dr. Elizabeth Burroughs 
Religious Society of Friends
Nicola Hoskin-Stone 
2013-05-21 2013.05.21 WWDP Committee photo shoot 123 of 150 IJ4A2219 Wesleyan Reform Union
Muriel Stonehewer
Fieldwork Co-ordinator (Northern Region)
Baptist Union
(to be appointed)
 2013-05-21 2013.05.21 WWDP Committee photo shoot 96 of 150 IJ4A2192 (1) Christian Brethren
Anthea Allan
Carole Bourne
Fieldwork Co-ordinator (South Eastern Region)
Council for African and Afro Caribbean Churches
Ade Akinbisehin
Joint Council of Churches for All Nations
Audrey Eccleston


Congregational Federation
Beryl Cosens
  English Speaking Churches of Wales
Christine Miles
Lutheran Church
Jean Jones
2013-05-21 2013.05.21 WWDP Committee photo shoot 92 of 150 IJ4A2188 Moravian Church
Wendy Hopcroft
Appointed Officer
Louise Bowes
Roman Catholic Church
Siobhan Canham
The Salvation Army
(to be appointed)
United Reformed Church
Heather Pencavel
Welsh Speaking Churches
(to be appointed)
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Church of God of Prophecy
Janice Reid
  Methodist Church
Irene Hayes
Co-opted Member:
Rhianydd Hallas


After the Second World War the rapid growth of the Movement made it necessary to have an international committee to oversee the work of the movement worldwide. Based in New York, it is administered by our International Director, Rosângela Oliviera.

Each country has its own national committee and is part of a regional grouping. Every four years representatives of these national committees gather in a different area of the world: Sweden 1968, Thailand 1970, Mexico 1974, Zambia 1978, Germany 1982, USA 1986, Jamaica 1990, Australia 1995, South Africa 1999, England 2003, Canada 2007 and USA 2012.

Each meeting brings special contributions to the growth of the movement when women gather:

  • to share experiences of the World Day of Prayer
  • to select themes and writers for the worship services
  • to elect an executive committee that is ecumenical, with representatives from Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions and comprised of a chairperson, treasurer and representatives from Africa, Asia, Caribbean/North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and the Pacific
  • to prepare a budget based on contributions from the national committees and special gifts
  • to consider ways by which the movement may grow

The latest meeting was in June 2012 in America when Corinna Harbig from Slovenia was chosen as the next chairperson of the International Committee and Laurence Gangloff from France and Emmanuelle Bauer from Luxembourg were elected as the European representatives.


Corinna Harbig from Slovenia

Laurence and Emmanuelle

Laurence Gangloff from France and Emmanuelle Bauer from Luxembourg

At these meetings themes and writers for future services are chosen: the themes group sifts through all the suggestions sent from around the world. Common ideas are drawn out and themes selected, together with suggestions for scripture passages to support the themes. These themes are then allocated to countries who have expressed a desire to prepare an order of service. The countries are chosen to give as wide a regional representation as possible.

Following the 2012 meeting we now have themes and countries allocated up to 2021.

Once a new set of themes and countries has been selected, Rosângela Oliviera assists in setting up workshops in each country to enable as many women as possible to have input into their service, giving a wide range of views and ideas. The writing group in that country then prepares a draft order of service that is sent to the International Committee. This is then sent, in English, French or Spanish to national committees worldwide. Within our own national committee, there is a committee that provides a translation for the Welsh speaking churches.

Altogether the service is translated into over 1,000 different languages and dialects.

Registered Charity: National Committee of The Women’s World Day of Prayer for England and Wales and Northern Ireland.
Place of registration: Charity Commission for England and Wales.
Registered address: Women’s World Day of Prayer, Commercial Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2RR.
Registered Charity number: 233242. Tel: 01892 541411 Email:

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