World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

7 March 2025 - Cook Islands

Cook Islands

Day of Prayer 2025: I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, Psalm 139:14
Artist statement: Our Heavenly Father blessed our islands of the sea. From the northern islands across the ocean to the southern islands, the golden sun shines through the clear blue skies and birds freely fly. From the bright white sandy shores all the way to the highest mountain top, our islands are abundant with fresh produce and colourful flora and fauna. The lagoons and oceans are bountiful with sea life, fish and gems (like black pearls), which link us to the world.

On each island, the mighty coconut tree stands tall, a symbol of strength and goodness. The coconut tree provides for our health and well-being. We have discovered how to use every part, from the fronds to the very deep roots. For food, drink, medicine, shelter and much more. The coconut tree is essential to our survival, and is the tree of life for our people.

We are grateful for the arrival of Christianity to our shores 200 years ago. Christianity brought hope, peace and light, with an understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In time, our cultures have interwoven with Christianity, and the blessings are evident today. As guardians and caretakers of God’s marvellous works, we always treasure these words, “I made you wonderful.”

Our women play a vital role in keeping our heritage and traditions alive. They are the keepers of talents, teachers and mentors. From mothers to daughters, the cycle of life, faith and love continues here on our islands of paradise. We show our respect and love for God and for one another in harmonies of song and prayer. Our precious Tivaevae quilts represent patience, love and unity. We honour God’s love and mercy with hats we wear to church, woven by skilful loving hands from the strands of rito, the young coconut leaf. We adorn ourselves with sweet scented Tiare tropical flowers, made into crowns and garlands. From the heart, we teach and nurture our beloved children, the younger generation, our future.

About the artists: Tarani Napa and Tevairangi Napa are a Mother-Daughter artist team from the Cook Islands. They feel honoured to have been able to share this piece of artwork in recognition of their love for their home, their faith and, and their heritage. Tarani Napa is a mother of six children and three grandchildren. She is a certified primary school teacher, entrepreneur and creative artist. Tevairangi Napa is the eldest daughter of Tarani, and she is a proud mum of two children. She follows in her mother’s footsteps as a creative artist.

Artists: Tarani Napa and Tevairangi Napa

“Wonderfully Made” by Tarani Napa and Tevairangi Napa

Many thanks to Richard Turner, who visited Cook Islands recently and has provided us with photos and video that will be used in our website. Richard has spoken about the absolute ‘force’ of the Holy Spirit in the hearts, minds and voices of the congregation in church on Sunday. Worship is lively, with fantastic singing – as you can hear from this wonderful short clip: