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Move The World

Move the World: Empowering Communities Through Education

Since 2016 Move the World (MTW) has been operating in the peri urban Ga West District communities of Ghana, an area that has traditionally been underfunded and overlooked due to its close proximity to the more affluent areas surrounding Accra. Young people here face a dearth of support to deal with health, welfare issues, there is poor sanitation and housing, and limited access to basic essentials and food. Educational provision is limited, schools are overcrowded and under-resourced. A child who completes 12 years of school will have learnt the equivalent of slightly less than six years’ (GPE, 2021). Many young people leave school altogether and become ‘hawkers,’ selling what they can to survive day-to-day, caught in the intractable cycle of poverty. Despite their circumstances the community and students are not without drive and passion.

Sadly funding for overseas projects is becoming scarcer and scarcer. In 2023 WDP EWNI were pleased to be able to offer MTW a grant towards their grassroots Global Citizen Education (GCEd) programmes in Ghana, GET-GLOBAL and GET-LOCAL, designed and run by local facilitators using the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as learning themes.  We are delighted to share their final report:

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