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Friends of the Holy Land

Friends of the Holy Land

Friends of the Holy Land would like to thank the EWNI WDP for the grant of £2000 to help St Martha’s House, a day care facility for elderly ladies in Bethlehem. Your funding has helped us to continue our financial assistance to this vital lifeline for 30 ladies, especially important in providing support as life around them in Bethlehem shut down following October 7th. Our staff have kept St Martha’s House open while school and shops shut down.

St Martha’s House provides activities to keep our ladies fit and healthy, physically and mentally. We provide transport to/from the House and 2 healthy meals a day, ensuring they receive some good nutrition in the week (increased food prices since the war mean that most cannot afford meat or good quality fresh fruit and vegetables). We grow our own produce, which the ladies help to pick and prepare for meals.

We have visits from local organisations who come in to help our ladies with healthcare needs (dentistry, podiatry, haircuts, blood pressure checks etc) and provide fun activities (stress relief through music for example).

St Martha’s House is a source of comfort and friendship, where every lady is valued. The ladies describe it as ‘like a family’, allowing them an opportunity to escape the horror of the war and the situation they see around them and on the TV. Without St Martha’s, these ladies would be isolated at home with no social support or state welfare system. Thank you for helping us to support these ladies.

Friends of the Holy Land