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Hope Christian Trust

Hope Christian Trust

Hope Christian Trust supports charitable work in educational and cultural establishments in Israel, the occupied Palestinian Territories and in Arab countries amongst young people and adults. HCT received a project grant from WDP EWNI in 2023 for the development of activities in a family centre serving a Palestinian village in the Jenin district of the West Bank in Palestine. We recently received a poignant update from their Chairman, John Angle:

I spent a week in Israel/Palestine last month and it enabled me to organise some of the following. Since October 7th the activities of the Hope Christian Trust have focused very sharply on support for the Palestinian people. We have been sending financial support to all the teachers of the Lighthouse (Al Minara) school, some 28 teachers and their families, so they can buy food and live in the midst of the terrible war in Gaza. Most of the Christian teachers are living in the compounds of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches in Gaza city because homes have been destroyed. Some of the Muslim teachers have fled south. We have also sent $10,000 and negotiated the purchase of food for the 400 Christians in the Roman Catholic School.

Our second focus has been on the Family Centre in Zababdeh, five miles from Jenin in the northern, often much forgotten, part of the West Bank and deeply affected by the war in Gaza. We are paying for and giving food provisions to many families where the breadwinner has been dismissed from work in Israel due to alleged security concerns, or receiving lower wages from jobs with a cash strapped Palestinian Authority due to Israel not paying promised taxes. The children’s clubs and women’s meetings are continuing but are restricted due to volunteer support finding travel difficult due to road closures, checkpoints and fears of settler attacks and Israeli army.