World Day of Prayer

I beg you, bear with one another in love

Jacaranda UK Foundation

Jacaranda UK Foundation

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, and has one of the highest rates of HIV (9% of adults) – there are a great many women who have been widowed by AIDS. Approximately 1/10 women over the age of 14 in Malawi are widows, or about 600,000 women. These women often inherit nothing. This results in their children having to drop out of school to help earn money, or (in the case of girls) to get married when still very young – half of Malawi’s women are married before they turn 18.

Last year, Jacaranda UK received a grant from WDP EWNI towards their project aimed at empowering widows with free entrepreneurship training to generate a sustainable income. The course is held at the Jacaranda Technical and Vocational College, so also offers the women specific job-training in areas such as tailoring, building, hairdressing, catering, small agriculture/animal husbandry if they wish.

We are pleased to share one of JF’s newsletters which we received towards the end of last year, showing what they have been focusing on for the previous six months and what their plans are for 2024. As well as the message: “Thank you again for your support of Jacaranda UK Foundation, we really appreciate it, and look forward to working with you again in the future”.