World Day of Prayer

I beg you, bear with one another in love


Preparing for the 2024 Day of Prayer

Countdown to the Day of Prayer for 2024 has begun. To find out more, why not attend a Preparation Day – these are not just for branch secretaries but for anyone who is interested in the service.

Use the following link to take a look at our map, find the nearest one to you and contact the organiser: Preparation Days – they are a lovely group of people, you will find a warm welcome and fellowship.

On this theme – we were delighted to hear recently from Goring World Day of Prayer Committee, who kick started their WDP preparations with a delicious Palestinian meal, and who have shared the pictures of their table with us.


Date Ring Cookies

For Link Day this year the office made cakes, amongst them date ring cookies. Re Link Day, we’ve had a few people ask us if the video clips are still on the website – they can be found under News or via this link: Link Day July 2023

Together in Prayer magazine

The latest copy of Together in Prayer contains 2 Palestinian recipes.

Burbara, a spiced wheat berry porridge traditionally served on Eid il-Burbara (4 December) to celebrate St Barbara’s Day. The porridge is topped by various fruits and nuts – families will have their own traditions.

Musakhan, often considered the national dish of Palestine. An Arabic word meaning ‘heated up’, this is a chicken dish traditionally served with taboon bread – thick flatbread cooked on hot stones.
PowerPoint presentation and script for Palestine

NB from this year the presentation is a free resource for Branch Secretaries, downloadable from the Branch Sec. Area, and no longer available as a paid for CD. Many of you have downloaded the presentation already, however if there are any problems, please contact us at the office.

Those of you who prepaid for the CD via last year’s report order form will be receiving the presentation on a USB stick.

If anyone who is purchasing one of our WDP USB sticks would like us to preload it with the presentation, please let us know – we would be very happy to do that for you.

Branch packs and orders of service

Some of you will have received your parcel already and the team at the mailing house are working hard to get the rest out over the next few weeks. They’ve sent us a picture of the next ones to be despatched.

Branch Packs and orders: update 12 October

The mailing house will dispatch remaining parcels for orders that were placed before end July, this Friday (13 Oct). They should arrive early next week. Any orders made from August onwards will be sent out via the WDP office. Thank you for your patience.

For anyone who has not yet placed their order for Orders of Service etc for 2024 and who do not have the green report form, here is a .PDF version: Report Order form for 2024
Photos from recent prep days

Newcastle: National Committee members, Lucie, Maureen and Margaret

Manchester: stunning display table

Stapleford: current WDP EWNI President, Nicky

Folkestone: Carole and Ade from the National Committee, and a very creative display

Merseyside and Wirral: A poignant, warm & constructive day – plus a delicious looking cake

Belfast: A powerful and beautiful table

Ripon: Gorgeous, impressively crafted display

Crowborough: A full house and a very informative day

Cornwall: Final discussions and good to see Elizabeth again

Norfolk and Suffolk: Maggie Kingston (Chair) and Joan Graves (Prep Day Organiser) with Carole and Lucie (WDP HQ) – an encouraging well attended day

Watford: A wonderful day, Bible Study included a Prayer tree

Cambridge: An enthusiastic day, Vivien is asking for someone to handover to as an organiser

Magor: A great turnout and a lovely day

Leeds: A well attended day, and poignant display

Milton Keynes: All smiles at the end of the day


Abwoon d’bwashmaya – The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic

As many of you will have seen, one of the photos in this year’s background PowerPoint is from Bethlehem: The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic.

WDPIC have also shared an mp3 of this prayer sung to a traditional Syriac melody, and a pdf of the music which we have added to our resources page. It is very beautiful.
The Lord’s Prayer


WDP office newsletter

Our office newsletter is sent out by email throughout the year. To sign up, please email us at our office address: or telephone, to ask to be added to the subscriber list.

NB The report order form has a box to tick if a branch secretary is happy to receive communications such as the newsletter by email, if anyone ticked this but hasn’t received a newsletter, please also contact us at the office.

If you have haven’t seen the newsletter yet, here are links to our last two (from which you can also subscribe):

WDP newsletter No. 5

WDP newsletter No. 6
Prep Days via Zoom

For those unable to attend Preparation Days in person, we are hosting 3 sessions on Zoom in the New Year: Tuesday 23 January, Tuesday 30 January and Saturday 4 February. You can sign up in the usual way by using our map: Preparation Days or contact us at the office.

Let’s Talk with WDP Palestine

Many of you have asked after the writing team for next year’s service. This weekend, 2 December, WDPIC hosted a Global Conversation “Let’s Talk with WDP Palestine”, we will link to the video when it is available.

Meanwhile, WDPIC have posted “Prayer for Gaza” , written by students and faculty at the Bethlehem Bible College (Nov, 2023) and shared by our sisters from WDP Palestine – WDPIC Facebook page.