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Cook Islands


With thanks to Beth Courtier, Head of Development at Sailors’ Society charity, for the following update:

This July, Sea Sunday will again be a time for the churches of the Philippines to remember their seafaring communities and the support offered by Sailors’ Society. The Philippines provides more than 25 per cent of the seafaring workforce and thanks to the generous grant of £1,196.00 from EWNI World Day of Prayer we have been able to provide the seafaring communities of these islands with dedicated welfare services.

For families, separated from their seafaring husbands and sons for months on end, Sailors’ Society Family Peer-to-Peer Support Groups provide mutual support and a place to share their concerns and swap coping mechanisms. We also work with local churches to offer counselling and mental health resilience workshops that provide support for these vulnerable families.

For those about to embark on a life at sea, our annual Maritime Schools’ Conference in the Philippines with its exploration of the all-important subject of well-being and mental health, helps Filipino maritime cadets prepare for a long fulfilling life at sea.

Sailors’ Society is also here 24/7 for seafarers and their families through our helpline, chaplaincy and Crisis Response Network, only a call or instant message away.

We have also facilitated access to grants for those facing financial hardship due to the inability to work or loss of life at sea, as well as educational support.

All this is only possible thanks to the support of organisations like EWNI World Day of Prayer, churches, along with maritime trusts and companies.

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