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(NECC), Antenatal Clinics, Gaza

(NECC), Antenatal Clinics, Gaza

Palestinians and Israelis live in a complex and protracted conflict that impacts their everyday lives. Aside from the threat of violence, the ongoing conflict affects access to healthcare, education, employment and other human rights.

Embrace works with 20 inspiring Christian partners across the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), Israel and Gaza to address the needs of their communities. Our partners in Israel Palestine bring people together to build relationships and advocate for a better future, provide medical care for those most in need, speak up for the rights of people living with disabilities and their families and help young people to access a better and more secure future.
Embrace receives a development grant from WDP and has sent the following report about the NECC Antenatal Clinics work in the Shajaia, Darraj, and Rafah districts of Gaza.