World Day of Prayer

I made you wonderful

Cook Islands


Pioneers is a Christian mission charity, founded in 1904 as Sudan United Mission.

We aim to respond with God’s love to the practical and spiritual needs of the vulnerable or disadvantaged in our society. With sensitivity and compassion, our project workers seek to address deep-rooted social problems such as poverty, lack of education, isolation and exclusion.

This year, we are working with Cheka Child, an indigenous registered Ugandan charity which has a vision to support severely underprivileged children, through education and support for the whole family and community.

Arua is a significant town on the border with Democratic Republic of Congo and just one hour’s drive south of the world’s newest country, South Sudan, from where hundreds of thousands of refugees have arrived in recent years, affecting Arua District. Added to material poverty, people often experience the hefty burden of social problems caused by early childhood marriage, family breakdown, addictions and debilitating diseases.

In a patriarchal society, these problems affect girls and women disproportionately. Caring for the next generation in this context is a massive challenge. In such desperate situations, education can be beyond the reach of some families.

There is a saying ‘empower a woman, empower a nation’. The continuing need is to help women in their vital role in their communities, because children depend so much on them in terms of provision of food, shelter, education and clothing.

There are 120 women in three communities of the Arua District, to whom we intend to provide goats. Not only will these provide the families with their own milk supply, but the goats’ offspring can be sold to provide money for other needs. By caring for the goats and breeding from them according to the guidelines given, they are able to barter for a cow, which is very valuable and highly-prized. These women can rise up out of poverty, thereby improving the lives of their family and of their community.