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Zimbabwe Educational Trust

Zimbabwe Educational Trust

Harare, Zimbabwe.

We work with young people, to empower them with the skills they need to support themselves out of poverty, by providing a practical source of food and income.

We work with local schools offering education and training on conservation and climate-smart agriculture. we provide initial training in farming skills and methods, then follow up with the resources needed to launch nutritional gardens in schools. We support the development of these plots with crops, tools and guidance, to ensure their success.

We use specialist farming techniques which thrive in the challenging conditions in Zimbabwe, relying on minimal water and inputs, but ensuring good yield and quality of crops. These nutritional gardens are a safe space and outlet, used by the school to practice farming (an examinable part of the national curriculum), provide food to vulnerable students struggling with malnutrition, and sell excess produce to raise funds for the school. It also allows the staff and students to develop their agricultural skills.

In the past we have seen a ripple effect, with these young people spreading our teachings and building the capacity of whole communities. This work is essential in tackling poverty and food insecurity in the area. The students provide food for their families, gain new skills, foster a reliable income stream, and build resilience against the impact of climate change. One in three children in Zimbabwe suffer from chronic malnutrition, while less than one in ten receives the globally-defined minimum acceptable diet for their age. We counter this, offering disadvantaged and vulnerable communities a way out of poverty through youth-led sustainable development. This is more important than ever in response to the coronavirus crisis, which is expected to lead to extremely high levels of unemployment and food insecurity across Zimbabwe. This will hit particularly hard, the poorer rural areas where we work. We want to respond to this challenge early, offering communities a sustainable source of food and income to best bolster themselves for what may come.

Our work is faith-based, rooted in Christian values and teachings and managed by a team of practising Christians, building on a proud Christian tradition in Zimbabwe.