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News from Vanuatu

News from Vanuatu

On 4th December Vanuatu moved on from its status one of the least developed countries and became, officially, a Developing Country. The government is delighted with this, defining the country as “in transition” with its own sustainable Development Plan and a range of targets for the future. Prime Minister Bob Loughman said “Our graduation from LDC has brought us to a new level of development. We are always stronger working together. We should be proud of our achievement and we should prepare ourselves for the next development stage.”

Some Vanuatu museums have used the space created by the decline in tourism to research and develop their exhibits. There is currently work being done to discover more about a military cemetery on Santo, dating back to WWII. Schools and other organisations have benefitted from this work as museums have encouraged visits from locals.

Since Vanuatu is a largely Christian country, it is preparing for the Christmas season. Since Christmas Day falls on a Friday this year, Monday 28th and, for some, Tuesday 29th December are to be public holidays as well.