World Day of Prayer

I know the plans I have for you

Please keep England, Wales & Northern Ireland in your prayers


Each year WDP office receives many applications for grant monies. Some of these do not meet our criteria but the rest find their way onto the Agenda of the September meeting of the National Committee. This year we had over 50 – all run by good, hard-working, dedicated people. Naturally, we would like to support them all and it is hugely difficult sorting out the ‘yeas’ and the ‘nays’.

The money for these grants comes from donations (and associated Gift Aid), received at the Day of Prayer services throughout the country, held each March (weather permitting!).

Our committee has a policy of giving longer-term support for one or two other causes and, at the moment we are supporting Traidcraft Exchange, for a term of five years.

Another demand on this money comes when there is a particularly horrific event anywhere in the world. This committee could not ignore the call for financial help during the storms in the Bahamas, earlier this year. We praise God that we were able to send a considerable sum and we trust it helped many of the poor souls caught up in that disaster.

Obviously, having supported the Bahamas we had less money to give to our grant applicants, but we still sent support to fifteen charities: RNIB, 28 Too Many, Slovenia WDP, Fondacioni Care for Albania, Mission without Borders, Jericho Road Project, Pioneers UK Ministries, Quakers, Sailors’ Society, Rope Charitable Trust, SAGE in Kenya, CRESS, Mpongwe’s People, Mike Campbell Foundation, Tearfund.