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July 2017

Preparation for Women’s World Day of Prayer 2018 has now officially begun.

The service has been prepared by the Christian women of Suriname and the subject is caring for God’s very good creation – an extremely relevant topic now as sea levels are rising and fish are being poisoned either by chemicals in rivers or microbeads and plastic packaging in the sea.

At Link Day on 16th July, we were delighted to welcome the Revd Robert Hopcroft, who spoke interestingly about the country which he has visited regularly on behalf of the Moravian Church. Also present were representatives from four Christian environmental charities: A Rocha, Green Christian, Live Simply (part of CAFOD) and Operation Noah. They are all keen to be involved in the informed prayer and prayerful action that is a part of every WWDP service.

I have added their website addresses at the bottom of this letter. Why not contact one or two of them? It may be that they have a local branch or local members who would be willing to bring a stand or some literature to one of your preparation meetings or even give a brief presentation.

Caring for God’s very good creation is a hugely important topic, which is highly relevant to people of all ages and beliefs. It gives us a wonderful opportunity not only to publicise WWDP more widely but also to encourage more people to think seriously about how we preserve God’s world for our children and grandchildren.


Elizabeth Burroughs

National Committee for England,
Wales & Northern Ireland

A Rocha UK   www.arocha.org.uk
Green Christian    www.greenchristian.org.uk
Live Simply    www.cafod.org.uk
Operation Noah    www.operationnoah.org

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