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December 2017

Genesis 1: 31 (from The Word on the Street): God looks at everything he’s made, and says “Fantastic. I love it!”

All God’s creation is very good; at least it was – until humans began to destroy it! God must be very disappointed by our selfishness and thoughtlessness.

The service from Suriname is one of the more challenging ones we have had presented to us. And, as happens so often with WDP services, it is also very topical. Caring for God’s very good creation is hugely important and highly relevant to people of all ages and beliefs.

There are many things we can do both as individuals and as churches or Churches Together groups to care for God’s wonderful creation.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been attending Preparation Days. At some of them, where we’ve had a bit more time to talk, we’ve had some good discussions about what we might do. We’ve talked about recycling, of course, but also about encouraging more people to re-use plastic bags, lobbying supermarkets about excessive plastic packaging and using aeroplanes and our own cars less often.

I have been talking to some of the Christian eco-charities and have put together some suggestions for actions that we can take as our response to this challenging service. You will find them on the ‘Creative Ideas’ page.

As you get down to planning your service, please don’t forget the importance of Prayerful Action.



Elizabeth Burroughs

National Committee for England,
Wales & Northern Ireland


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