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March/April 2018

Is this the longest Women’s World Day of Prayer on record?  A large number of services have now been held but I know that there are more to come, including one or two in June.

Thank you to everyone who managed to hold their services whether on the right day or not. Thank you too to those who informed the office of their changes and apologies that we were so inundated with queries and notices that it took us a while to catch up.  When our new website is up and running later this year, you will be able to change your service entries yourselves.

I attended a service yesterday.  It was very well presented and the message about caring for God’s creation came across loud and clear.  I did feel that there was a little bit lacking in that we could not really say we were part of the wave of prayer encircling the globe on the 2nd March but I am sure that there were people praying with us somewhere in the world.

The International Office in New York does not understand the problems that snow causes us in England, Wales & Northern Ireland and is still demanding a full report from us by 1st May.  So, if you have interesting information or photographs, please e-mail them to the Office as soon as possible.

And don’t forget to tell us about your pledges – by e-mail, on Facebook, on Twitter or via all three!   Have you as a branch, has your local Churches Together or have any of your local churches agreed to do something together?  There is a whole section of the report that asks about prayerful action.  But it’s not about impressing the International Committee: we need the world to know that we as Christians care about our world and that we are prepared to take action to stop it being damaged further.


Elizabeth Burroughs

National Committee for England,
Wales & Northern Ireland

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