‘IT’S NOT FAIR’ cries the child

Credit: Robert Verzo, 'Heavy Load'

‘IT’S NOT FAIR’ cries the child

‘IT’S NOT FAIR’ cries the child
Who can’t have his way.
‘It’s not fair’ cries the world –
Its cry every day.

‘It’s not fair’ we all say
When things don’t go right.
It’s not fair for oppressed
Who then stand up and fight.

‘It’s not fair if we miss out,
On luxury treats.’
‘It’s not fair’ cry the hungry,
With nothing to eat.

‘It’s not fair there’s no pay rise;
I’m just missing out.’
‘It’s not fair’ plead the unemployed.
‘We’re going without.’

‘It’s not fair. Our home’s small,
And we aimed to go higher.’
‘It’s not fair’ plead the homeless,
‘Just a roof to keep us drier.’

‘It’s not fair’ calls the criminal,
‘I have been caught.’
It’s not fair for the victims
When havoc’s been wrought.

It wasn’t fair for Jesus to die on the cross.
It wasn’t fair for God to suffer such loss.
But through His redemption
He saved us from death.
And He hears our ‘Not fair’s’
with His last dying breath.
He’s there for the downtrodden,
hungry, oppressed.
His justice and mercy
Will see them all blessed.

Helen Mason

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    ‘IT’S NOT FAIR’ cries the child
    Who can’t have his way.
    ‘It’s not fair’ cries the world –
    Its cry every day.

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