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September is a time of change. Summer changes to autumn, school children and students begin new academic years. It is also a time of change for our committee. People’s roles change. I begin my third and final year as the Chairperson of the committee before I take on the role of Vice-President. At our meeting we said farewell to Stella Vernon and Margie Savage, who have both served the committee for nine years. We welcomed Carol Bourne and Louise Bowes onto the committee.

Autumn is also a time when committee members attend Preparation Days, to inform the participants about the forthcoming service. Although it does not take place for another six months, people like to hear about the background of the country, the Bible focus, the children’s materials and of course the service itself. By reading the materials and learning more about the country people can pray with authority.

The service for 2016 has been written by the Christian women from Cuba. No sooner had the National Committee worked through their materials and were ready to go to print, than we heard that the USA and Cuba simultaneously declared that hostilities between the two countries were to cease, and that talks would begin about the lifting of the embargo. Since then talks have been taking place. Cuba is indeed in a time of change!

The title of the service is ‘Receive children. Receive me.’ And you can find further information, both on this website and through our materials, which are obtainable from the office: office@wwdp.org.uk

Although we are concentrating on Cuba we have not forgotten the people of The Bahamas. We continue to pray for them and all people and their circumstances. Prayers are on our website in ‘Prayer for the month’ and you can keep in touch through FaceBook and Twitter. Also we regularly put prayers on the news section of the website in response to worldwide emergency situations.
We appreciate you visiting the website and joining us
in prayer. It is good to know that prayer can continue
around the clock as news is received and updated.

Maggie Pickford

Chairperson, National Committee for England,
Wales and Northern Ireland

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