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Throughout our bright and cheerful new site, the new graphics (look at the pyramids!) give a taste of the country responsible for writing the next service. The Egyptian committee wrote the March 2014 service at a time of great hope, just after the Arab Spring. There are sample pages of our magazine, ‘Together in Prayer’, which is full of information about Egypt, reports from last years’ services, a prayer focus, free inserts and so much more! Many resources can be viewed or downloaded from the web site whilst others can be ordered from the WWDP office.

The WWDP service, written by Christian women, is held on the first Friday of March each year. All are welcome to attend – men, women and children. You can enter the details of your own service or find a service near to you. There is information to help you hold a service for the first time. After the service, you can submit your reports and pictures for others to share.

The selected country and its people, becomes the focus of the world’s prayers on the day itself. The first service of the day takes place on the Island of Samoa as dawn breaks. The world is then circled in prayer for 36 hours and the service is celebrated in over 170 countries until the last one of this special day takes place on American Samoa.

I hope you enjoy browsing our new site and that you gain an insight into the work of the committee of the WWDP for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and their role in the global Movement – whose calling is
“informed prayer, prayerful action”.

Maggie Pickford

Chairperson, National Committee for England,
Wales and Northern Ireland

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