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Welcome to Women's World Day Of Prayer


The Young Women’s conference, ‘Y Pray?’ is being held at Kings Park Conference Centre in Northampton, from Friday 29th April to after lunch on Sunday 1st May. If you would like to attend please look on this website or contact the office for further details.

In November 2014, the National Committee began looking at the documentation received from Cuba, for the service in 2016. The Christian women of Cuba wrote about the injustice and the effects of the embargo. It was announced by the USA, at the same time, that the USA were considering lifting the embargo and forging stronger links with Cuba. We have only to listen to the news now in 2016 to see how this is now becoming a reality.

We have received many comments about the service and some interesting pictures. Please continue to send them to the office. Pictures should be sent as jpegs. Selected ones will be printed in next year’s Together in Prayer or included on our website.

Many people look on the website to find where services are taking place. Over 500 were registered on the site for the service from Cuba. The number increases every year and we already have some services registered for 2017. There are over 5,000 services held in England, Wales and Northern Ireland so, if you know the details for your service for next year, you can enter them on the site now.

Currently the committee is editing the materials relating to the service for 2017 from the Philippines. The theme is ‘Am I Being Unfair to You?’ Indeed, a thought provoking subject for us to consider.




Maggie Pickford

Chairperson, National Committee for England,
Wales and Northern Ireland

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As the Pope visits Cuba, what are
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