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September sees the start of the new round of preparation days where we introduce next year’s service to those who will lead it locally. Last autumn, Cuba was in the news – and the service this year was written by the Christian women of Cuba. This autumn, the Philippines are in the news – and next year’s service was prepared by the Christian women of the Philippines. These are not the only recent examples: remember Chile in 2011 and Egypt in 2014?

It is at international meetings that the subjects and the writing countries for the next few years are agreed – and international meetings happen only every four or five years. We already know which country will be preparing the service for 2021.

So why does it so often happen that the next writing country is suddenly thrust into the international spotlight? Surely it isn’t pure coincidence! One can only conclude that the hand of God is at work.

The service written by the Christian women of the Philippines is on the theme of justice: a highly relevant subject in today’s world. Before I read it, I half-expected it to be about climate change. In fact, although climate change does get a mention, the main theme is the exploitation of women. This too is a worldwide problem: there is scarcely a country in the world where some form of exploitation of women does not occur.

Do try and get to a preparation event if you can. These are always worth attending. To find details of those nearest to you, click on the icon below.

At our September meeting, we said goodbye to our outgoing President, Mimi Barton, who has completed her term on the Committee. Her wisdom, experience and hard work will be greatly missed.

We also allocated grants to 40 Christian charities, large and small, operating both at home and abroad. Projects we are helping to fund will (among other things) support disabled children in Zimbabwe, provide maternity care in Burkino Faso, give Bibles to children in Cuba, repair obstetric fistula in Nigeria and offer support
to women in danger of exploitation in some of
our larger cities.

Elizabeth Burroughs
National Committee for England,
Wales & Northern Ireland

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