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The New Year is a time for reflection. We think of all the events of the past twelve months and look to the future for all that we have planned. It can also be a confusing time for National Committee Members, because we are dealing with so many things and focusing on three countries!

Not only have we been attending Preparation Days and awaiting the 2016 service from Cuba, we have also received the booklet from the International office in New York, containing reports of the 2015 services, held throughout the world.

In November 2015 we started to look at the materials that we received from The Philippines – the writing country for 2017. Our meetings in January, March and May will concentrate on the materials, ensuring that they that will be ready for you from September. Preparation Day dates will be arranged and committee members allocated. So, you can appreciate that it can be very hectic when we are dealing with three years and three countries at a time!

Currently, you will be preparing for the WWDP service written by the Christian women from Cuba ‘Receive children. Receive me’ and I hope that you are finding this website useful in your preparations.

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Maggie Pickford

Chairperson, National Committee for England,
Wales and Northern Ireland

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