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As the sun rises on March 6th the first country will be celebrating Women’s World Day of Prayer with and for our sisters from The Bahamas, on the theme of, ‘Jesus said to them: “Do you know what I have done to you?”’

The Christian women of The Bahamas wrote the service, but they are open to all. Increasingly we are seeing more children and men attending and participating in the services. On the website you will learn about The Bahamas and not only from a tourist’s point of view! If you attend a service you will hear about Jesus and His radical love and the issues that concern the women of The Bahamas. On the day, we will all be bound together by prayer and will consider what Jesus has done to us!

The International Committee, based in New York, ask member countries about their services. Last year, 95 countries, out of the 170 countries that held the service written by Egypt, responded to the questionnaire. It was reported that 17,932 worship services, in 121 languages, took place. It is expected that more will take place this March. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland over 5,000 services have been planned. It is truly amazing to be part of this ecumenical, multilingual, global Movement.

Venues of services can be found on this site. If you are holding a service please enter your details. It is interesting to note how many people look on the site  to find out where the nearest one to them is taking place – especially when they are away from home.

After the service you will see pictures that have been taken of the decorated churches, the service and the refreshments
after-wards. Pictures should be sent to:


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Maggie Pickford

Chairperson, National Committee for England,
Wales and Northern Ireland

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