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Welcome to Women's World Day Of Prayer

‘WWDP is very close to my heart, it is unique in its breadth and the unity and friendship it creates.   Amazing.   It achieves so much.’

These are the words of one of our Preparation Day organisers, but I wish I had thought of them first.

WWDP is indeed unique: the largest ecumenical movement in the world, the only one in which Orthodox and Protestant, Catholic and Evangelical come together to worship; covering 170 countries and territories, many more than the World Council of Churches.

And it is a wonderful way of making friends. Our Facebook page is read by people from many countries, some of whom we are getting to know, and every year we receive e-mails and letters from all over the world.

Our prayer partners are the WDP Committee of Albania. This Committee is relatively new and struggles financially. So our National Committee has supported them for a number of years. For three out of the past four years, a couple of Committee members have attended their annual conference in January and two people will be going again later this month.

WWDP also achieves much, not only through the grants we are able to provide to charities and the publicity we give to some of the smaller ones in Together in Prayer, but also by raising awareness about some of the troubled areas of the world and about some of the problems experienced by women and children in our own country. As we prepare for the service written by the Christians women of the Philippines, we pray for justice for all women and children everywhere and pledge ourselves to fight against discrimination and oppression wherever we find it.

Remember the power of prayer …..

Elizabeth Burroughs
National Committee for England,
Wales & Northern Ireland

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